How to write a student blog

  Follow these steps to write a great student blog. You want up to date pitch a brand new idea – we can not post portions that have appeared some other place, even on a blog. If we assume your idea is right for Blogging Students, we’ll let you know up to dateupdated beforehand and […]

All About Makeup: Beauty Blogging

Cover Lady names Muslim splendour blogger Nura Afia as most modern ambassador A hijab-carrying splendour blogger has joined the ranks of smoke-supermodels and pa stars as the state-of-the-art individual to be identified as a brand ambassador for canopy Woman cosmetics. Nura Afia, a practising Muslim, will appear in classified ads and on a billboard in […]

Tips to write a successful blog

Here are some tips to write a successful blog, a commercial enterprise weblog is one of the most value-powerful and simplest ways to sell your retail business. Finished proper, it could pressure visitors to your internet site, increase your income, establish you as an expert on your industry and additionally assist you in attaining new […]

Journey of becoming a Travel Blogger

Journey of becoming a Travel Blogger isn’t easy, the noughties have been the decade when human beings stopped simply dreaming approximately being travel writers and were given concerned. Through harnessing the traits of social networking and multimedia content, impartial guests have gone directly to become a number of the maximum innovative bloggers at the net. […]

The ‘Crazy Blogger’ Chiara Ferragni

The call Chiara Ferragni might not be familiar to most over-35s however the 29-year-vintage’s modify ego, The Blonde Salad is – to borrow Ron Burgundy’s phrase – sort of a big deal. Ferragni, an ex-law student from a small city near Milan, started The Blonde Salad weblog in 2009, documenting her camera-prepared non-public fashion, full […]

Want to become a star blogger? Here’s the way to work

What’s the first-class manner to publicise a weblog? It’s crucial to tailor social media platforms for your target market. “You want to become aware of which platform your readers are maximum possibly to be the use of (eg Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram) and target it with updates three instances a day,” says Phoebe Montague, […]

Cancer blogger dies day before her wedding

A blogger who documented her warfare with Most cancers had died the day before she became due to be married after losing her two-yr fight with a brain tumour. Anna Swaney, 25,who ran a blog documenting her combat with the contamination. A while ago she discovered that she had cancer but praised for her courage […]

Jail of a Azerbaijan Blogger Mehman Huseynov.

Twenty-four human-rights Companies which include Newshounds Without Borders condemned “inside the strongest viable phrases” the jailing in Azerbaijan of pro-competition blogger site Mehman Huseynov. An Azeri court docket on Friday sentenced Huseynov, a video blogger and journalist who said on corruption within the government of President Ilham Aliyev, to 2 years in jail for defaming […]