China Indicts Former Top Internet Regulator on Corruption Charges


BEIJING—Prosecutors indicted China’s former pinnacle net regulator on fees that he took bribes and abused his electricity, advancing a case portrayed as a signal of President Xi Jinping’s continuing dedication to his far-achieving anticorruption campaign.

Once the director of China’s effective Cyberspace Administration, Lu Wei became widely known across the technology enterprise as the main figure in the Communist Party’s efforts to reshape the global net. The fifty-eight-yr-vintage turned into put underneath research in November and expelled from the birthday celebration in February. He hasn’t been seen or heard from publicly because of that ultimate fall.

According to a file Monday with the aid of the legit Xinhua News Agency, prosecutors accused Mr. Lu of taking large bribes in return for misusing his public powers to exploit others. The business enterprise stated that the alleged wrongdoing spanned his profession as a senior Xinhua govt, propaganda authentic, and web regulator.

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According to Xinhua, Mr. Lu is set to stand trial at a municipal courtroom inside the port town of Ningbo, although no date has been. He couldn’t be reached for comment, and whether he had an attorney wasn’t considered.

Mr. Lu became the first senior reliable to be snared with the aid of a corruption probe after Mr. Xi began a 2d five-year term as Communist Party leader last October.

State media said Mr. Lu’s downfall validated Mr. Xi’s will to preserve the high-strain crackdown he released after taking strength in overdue 2012. The Chinese leader has referred to the anticorruption marketing campaign as a “lifestyle or loss of life” count for the party, whose legitimacy becomes threatened via endemic graft. However, he has extensively utilized it to sideline rivals and consolidate electricity.

As the inaugural director of the Cyberspace Administration, created in 2014, Mr. Lu becomes the pinnacle coverage reliable for net matters, tasked with implementing Mr. Xi’s plans for turning China into a cyber power, in addition to strict media and net controls. Those duties gave him big sway over the fortunes of net groups in China, and many executives—Chinese and Western alike—sought conferences with him to discuss policy subjects.

During a 2014 excursion in the U.S., for instance, Mr. Lu met with tech CEOs, including Apple I,nc.’s Tim Cook, and Amazon.Com Inc.’s Jeff Bezos, in addition to Facebook Inc.’s Mark Zuckerberg, who hosted the Chinese internet czar at his agency’s Palo Alto, Calif., headquarters.

Mr. Lu’s profession got here under a cloud after his elimination as Cyberspace Administration director in June 2016. He kept a vice-ministerial post inside the celebration’s propaganda branch till he changed position below research.

In February, the birthday party’s disciplinary watchdog unveiled huge-ranging allegations in opposition to Mr. Lu, branding him an “ordinary two-faced character” who “lost his beliefs and beliefs” and confirmed “intense disloyalty to the birthday celebration center.”

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A social media account run through the Communist Party’s flagship newspaper, People’s Daily, defined the watchdog’s allegations because the cruelest was issued against a high-ranking reliable.

Since then, senior provincial officials have used Mr. Lu’s case, for example, to train Communist Party cadres in the political area. For instance, top birthday party officials in eastern Zhejiang province met in May to discuss Mr. Lu’s wrongdoings and arrange a “cautionary education” marketing campaign for celebration individuals.

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