Easy tips to make a slideshow on Mac


A slideshow is an essential tool that helps us use multiple images and dynamically present them. The flow looks like a video but lets you add plenty of information and ideas. You’d get tons of ideas to make slideshows on Windows, but Mac is more streamlined and easy. If you don’t know how to make one, we will give you a guide that helps out.

Ways to create a slideshow on Mac

1. Download quality slideshow software

If you use quality software like Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac, you don’t need to go through internal options. You need to download, follow the directions and go through the easy method recommended. Using a good slideshow maker gives you endless choices, and you can work on your ideas.


2. Spacebar in Finder

You can also create a slideshow with the Option Spacebar. You need to open Finder from the dock and select preferred images. It would help if you then pressed the Option and Spacebar keys on the keyboard. You will find the selected photos shown as a slideshow. If you need to preview a slide, you need to tap the left-pointing arrow. To move to the next, you can tap the right one. You can stop playing the slides and click on two vertical bar icons. Tap on the four-square icon, and you will find all the slides in thumbnail mode on one page.

3. Preview in Finder

You can use the Preview tool for slideshows too. You need to launch it from Finder. Open the Finder and select photos for your slideshow. Right-click on the photos and choose ‘Open’ from the menu for the tool to work on the photos. Once Preview shows all the chosen photos, you need to click on View and then on Slideshow to establish your file.

The first double-pointing arrow you need to press helps you get to the first slide, and the double-pointing arrow on the other side takes you to the last image of the slideshow. You need to click two vertical bars for pausing the playback. For choosing a slideshow, you need to click the cross icon.

4. Apple Photos

Apple Photos helps you make slideshows and add music on Mac. More than Preview or Option Spacebar, this gives you features like a theme, timing, music, transition, and so on. The steps to create a slideshow with photos are listed below:

  • You need to import images from Photos.
  • Then you need to select ‘Create Slideshow’ from ‘File.’ It is a prompt with a default name for the slideshow that pops up. You can also customize the slideshow name.
  • Choose the Upload Photos button for importing images that are used to make a slideshow.
  • All slideshows that are created will be displayed on the left pane and under the Projects tab. You need to click ‘Projects’ and double-click the slideshow thumbnail for opening it.
  • Click on the Play option and watch the slideshow.
  • You can also adjust the volume of the background score by clicking on Sound
  • Click on the ‘Themes’ button and set the one you like
  • Press the Music button and select your song from the library for slideshow
  • Click Duration and set the time span of every slide

These were some of the ideals ways to make slideshows on Mac. Choose your pick and get going!

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