How Do You Find a Google Partner to Help with SEO?


How Do You Find a Google Partner to Help with SEO? 1

Are you a marketing agency or an online consultant who manages Google Ads accounts? If you don’t use Google Partners, then you might be shortchanging yourself. Besides, everyone with a Google Ads account or manages one for businesses’ behalf, has access to online support platforms and Google’s helpdesk.

What Are Google Partners?

They are sites that partner with Google Ads in order to display promotions on search results pages and their websites. Google Partners are part of Google Search Network and often extend the ads to thousands of websites across the internet. In other words, Google Partners put ads across more sites than just YouTube and Google, aiming to increase the overall reach of ads. By integrating SEO services and campaigns from your partners into your marketing strategies, you can help your clients increase conversions by more than 90%.

Examples of Google Partner Websites

If you are looking to incorporate Google Partners into ad campaigns, it would be best to be familiar with some of the websites that those ads can appear on. Although Google has shared a full list of its partners, the following are some of the popular websites included:

  • Non-Google websites – Amazon,, The New York Times, Walmart, W3Schools, Target,,,,, and 247 Sports.
  • Google websites – YouTube, Google’s search engine, Google Maps, Google Shopping, Google Images, and Google Play.

Why Work with Google Partners?

Working with Google Partners offers benefits to businesses that want to market with Google Ads. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • Continuous optimization – A good partner will analyze the performance of the Google Workspace setup as well as make the necessary recommendations for improvement, ensuring you get value from the investment you make.
  • Smooth integration and migration – If you are moving from a different productivity suite or email to a Google Workspace setup, a good partner will help with the process of migrating, ensuring you seamlessly and securely transfer data.
  • Improved compliance and security – Google Partners may help with setting up as well as maintaining the right security measures, ensuring the data of your organization is well protected and meets the necessary regulations.
  • Customized Solutions – A Google Partner will tailor their offerings so as to meet your requirements. It will help you optimize and configure Google Workspace so as to ensure a very smooth transition and suit the workflows of your organization. Your partner will also help you identify your target audience and determine effective keywords and ad formats for your business to ensure your campaigns are optimized and set for success.
  • Expert guidance – A Google Partner has expertise and in-depth knowledge of Google’s services and products. They may provide you with invaluable support in choosing the right plan depending on your specific objectives and needs.
  • Dedicated support – A Google Partner usually provides personalized customer assistance and support. It will help to address technical issues, provide training, and answer questions to ensure you take advantage of Google’s features.
  • Professionalism – Google Partners works with certified professionals with specialized knowledge when it comes to Google Ads campaigns. Usually, they have a better understanding of Google, best practices, and its features and may use their professional to achieve the goals of your business. They are often updated with modern innovations and trends, ensuring your ad campaigns are well-optimized for success.
  • Data analysis – Google Partners often use the latest data analysis tools to optimize and monitor campaigns in real-time. These partners identify which ads perform better and adjust campaigns accordingly; thus, increasing ROI. Analyzing data will help to optimize campaigns and make an informed decision for better performance.

Tips for Finding a Good Google Partner for SEO

SEO services are invaluable ways for businesses to drive organic traffic, which turns into conversions and leads for your business. If you are looking to achieve success with SEO, experts advise that you partner with a good partner with the help of the following tips:

SEO Goals and Look for a Partner That Can Help Achieve Them

Before you look for a good partner, you need to know what SEO goals to achieve. Defining those goals will help you concentrate on partners that may ensure you attain them. You may set goals to reach specific people, boost your business brand, earn more sign-ups/downloads, and boost revenue for your business.

Reach out to Potential Partners and Evaluate the Professionalism

Once you set goals, start looking for partners who may help you attain them. You can go about that in several ways. First, carry out a Google search for reliable SEO service providers within your location or industry. Your search will give you results from different articles and directories, listing SEO service providers you may reach out to. Another great way is to inquire from your professional and personal networks for referrals. They might have worked with the partner you want to hire and delivered good results. With a few lists of partners, start your research. Consider going through their case studies, services, and customer reviews to choose one that resonates with your business needs.

Prioritize a Partner with White Hat Practices

Focus on choosing a partner with white-hat SEO practices. Technically, white hat SEO involves a combination of strategies, which work with search engines to ensure you improve the ranking of your website. These strategies often follow the search engine’s code of conduct as well as allow your website to rank naturally. Examples of these strategies:

  • Creating easy-to-navigate websites that engage leads
  • Integrating keywords in order to rank in search results
  • Adapting to all mobile devices
  • Improving the load time of your website to quickly deliver information
  • Creating content so as to drive the required traffic to your site’s page

The bottom line is that you don’t need to be a certified Google expert – this is what Google Partners are here for. When working with Google Partners, you will not just get the best hands-on management since their reputation often depends on it. You will also get other benefits, like customization, data analysis, and continuous optimization, to name a few.


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