Netflix Picks Up Korean Medical Drama Series ‘Life’


Netflix has obtained distribution rights to the Korean-produced scientific drama “Life” for coming near distribution in several Asian territories. The display will air in the U.S. Later this year.

“Life” hails from Lee Su-Yeon, creator of “Stranger,” a chain that gained the grand prize in T.V. at the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards in Korea. It is directed by Hong Jong-chan, who formerly ran “Dear My Friends.”

The clinical drama tells a tale about the human beings in a health center who want to shield and save, and additionally, folks who need to guard what they agree is proper. Lee Dong-Wook, well known for his lead part in “Goblin,” stars in “Life” as a health facility medical doctor, and Jo Seung-woo plays (“Stranger”) the CEO of the medical institution in which the entirety takes place.

Netflix will top-quality the primary four episodes of “Life” in Asia Pacific markets (except Japan) and English-speak regions (except the U.S.) on Aug. Four at midnight PST. Episodes 5 and 6 will move on the same day because the Korean broadcast on Aug. 6 and 7 at nine:30 a.m. PST, accompanied by an ordinary weekly agenda. All territories, excluding the U.S. And Japan, will spend two episodes weekly every Monday at 9:30 a.m. PST. All episodes may be available in the U.S. On Sep. 12.

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Netflix Picks Up Korean Medical Drama Series

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