Man kills sister-in-law, nephew over property dispute in Delhi


Two own family members had been brutally murdered and 0.33 grievously injured after a man stabbed them simultaneously as they were asleep in critical Delhi’s Paharganj region, police said on Thursday.

During the investigation, police claimed that the crime was committed with the aid of Raj Kumar, the brother-in-law of one of the deceased Kausalya, to settle an asset dispute. The other deceased has been identified as Purusottam (30). The 0.33 victim, Rahul (25), is battling for his existence in a sanatorium.

The incident occurred on Wednesday night while accused Raj Kumar attacked the trio with a hoe and a vegetable knife. Local police observed the bodies of Purusottam and Kausalya in a room on the first floor, and Rahul became unconscious on 2nd ground. Kausalya recently bought assets in Hapur, and Raj Kumastressed on her to dispose of some cash. Tara Chand, the relative of the deceased, informed the police about the incident on Thursday morning.

“Prima Facie, the incident passed off all through the early hours of Thursday, when the deceased and victim were asleep. Purshottam and Kaushalaya had been discovered mendacity in a pool of blood on a mattress at the primary floor simultaneously as her son Rahul became at second floor”, said MS Randhawa, DCP of the crucial district.

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“A case of murder and try to murder has been registered towards Rajkumar at the declaration of his younger brother Tarachand,” the officer introduced.

“Tarachand, in his announcement, said Kaushalaya is a window, and her husband Omprakash passed away a couple of years ago. After the demise of her husband, Rajkumar used to take pleasure in home fights along with her,” he delivered.

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Maybe the opposite party is happy to separate but wants to keep the house but cannot afford to shop for their ex. One party stays inside the residence, has been doing so for many years, and still refuses to promote the assets. Even if each event conforms to selling the assets, one may also sense that they’re entitled to a bigger proportion of the fairness, and as a settlement can’t be reached, it finally ends up being a stalemate.

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