What does China Yongda Automobiles Services Holdings Limited’s (HKG:3669) Balance Sheet Tell Us About Its Future?


China Yongda Automobiles Services Holdings Limited (HKG:3669) is a small-cap inventory with a market capitalization of CN¥13.91b. While investors are typically aware of small-cap companies’ growth capability and competitive landscape, they emerge as ignoring a key issue, which might be the most important chance to its life: its monetary fitness. Why is it essential? Companies running within the Specialty Retail enterprise dealing with headwinds from current disruption, even ones that can be worthwhile, are much more likely to have a better chance. So, information on the employer’s economic fitness becomes critical. Here are a few fundamental monetary health checks you must remember before taking the plunge. Nevertheless, this statement continues to be excessive, so I suggest you dig deeper into 3669 here.

How does 3669’s working cash go with the flow stack against its debt?

3669’s debt degrees surged from CN¥nine.35b to CN¥eleven.71b during the last 365 days, which is made from contemporary and long-term debt. With this boom in debt, 3669’s cash and short-time period investments stand at CN¥1.93b for investing in the enterprise. Moving onto cash from operations, its small degree of running cash drift means calculating cash-to-debt wouldn’t be too beneficial. However, these low tiers of cash approach operational efficiency are worth a look. As the cause of this article is a high-stage review, I haven’t been searching at this nowadays, but you may examine several 3669’s working performance ratios Inc., including ROA, here.

Can 3669 meet its brief-time period responsibilities with the coins in hand?

With current liabilities at CN¥16.27b, the enterprise has maintained a secure stage of present-day assets to satisfy its responsibilities, with the present-day ratio ultimate status at 1.05x. Usually, for Specialty Retail agencies, this is an appropriate ratio since there is a piece of a coin buffer without leaving an excessive amount of capital in low-return surroundings.

SEHK:3669 Historical Debt August twenty-third, 18
SEHK:3669 Historical Debt August 23rd 18
Can 3669 provide its debt effortlessly?

Since general debt ranges have outpaced equities, 3669 is a highly leveraged corporation. This isn’t always uncommon for a small-cap employer because debt tends to be lower-value and, at times, extra on hand. We can test to peer whether or not 3669 is capable of meeting its debt responsibilities by searching the internet hobby insurance ratio. An agency that generates earnings earlier than interest and tax (EBIT) by at least three times its internet hobby payments is considered financially sound. In 3669’s case, the ratio of 2.78x indicates that interest isn’t always strongly covered, which means that creditors may also refuse to lend the enterprise extra money, as it’s far visible as too unstable in terms of default.

Next Steps:

3669’s coins drift insurance shows it may enhance its operating efficiency so that it will meet the call for debt payments when unexpected activities arise. The company reveals the right management of modern-day property and upcoming liabilities. Remember that we haven’t considered how different elements, including what 3669, have been performing in the past. I recommend you continue to investigate China Yongda Automobiles Services Holdings to get an extra holistic view of the inventory by way of searching at:


Future Outlook: What are nicely-informed industry analysts predicting for 3669’s destiny increase? Examine our unfastened studies report of analyst consensus for 3669’s outlook. Historical Performance: What have 3669’s returns been like over the past? Go into extra detail in the past track document analysis and look at the unfastened visual representations of our evaluation for extra readability.

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