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Microsoft has announced a host of Xbox updates, new accessories, and games. During the Gamescom event, throughout which the future of the console been discovered, there were updates on just about each upcoming huge recreation: information about Forza Horizon 4 has been found, for example, within the shape of the Team Adventure mode that lets gamers compete together while taking over the sector in races, video games, and different ways.

And there were essential facts, approximately current ones, too. Xbox announced that PUBG would, in the end, depart the Xbox Game Preview, for example, meaning that its miles at closing taken into consideration a full sport after builders struggled to make it paintings properly.

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Xbox also discovered masses of foremost new content material for existing games. Those include a new, loose content update for Sea Of Thieves, referred to as The Forsaken Shores, arriving on 19 September, and add-on content material for State of Decay 2.


They changed into some new hardware. But it mostly arrived in the shape of shade updates for controllers and package updates for consoles. Xbox update lets gamers leap into games a good deal quicker. Microsoft found out it is the first-ever Xbox One X Special Edition package – known as Gold Rush, providing a golden gradient floating over the top and commemorating the release of Battlefield V – in addition to new Xbox One S and X bundles for the discharge of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Forza Horizon 4, Fallout 76 and Battlefield V.

It showed off new camo and shadow options for the Xbox Design Lab, in which players can create their controllers and make them up through Microsoft. Most of the updates could be available over the next few weeks – all, other than the Fallout 76 bundle, can be had earlier than the give-up of October. A few are to be had already, including the brand-new controllers in the Xbox Design Lab, which may be visible in reality utilizing the heading to the unique page.

In August 2016, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant decided on Microsoft Azure as an industry leader in Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Nearly 90% of Fortune 500 businesses use cloud offerings from MS Azure 2016. Outstanding groups that use Azure for cloud computing are Oracle, SAP, Rolls-Royce, NBC News channel, BMW, and GE Healthcare, to call only some. The most important reason behind Azure is its powerful management of bodily servers and data centers on the cloud. Interested? Join the MS Azure Training and get familiar.

Here’s what is trending with Microsoft Azure for the year 2016:


Azure supports as much as 32 TB for the SAP HANA database server

Microsoft has constructed a running partnership with SAP, presenting a company-validated platform for executing and coping with SAP assets. Whether working in an improvement or a testing environment, with Microsoft Azure 2016, customers can get the blessings of high scalability and reduced prices on SAP HANA workloads. In November 2016, Microsoft introduced as much as 32 TB garage for SAP HANA tuned Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) software programs and as much as four TB for Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) programs. Each developer and checking-out engineer will now have the ability and electricity to work on software program packages requiring a massive volume of records in actual-time eventualities.

Microsoft broadcasts the availability of Azure N-Series

With overwhelmingly effective patron comments about the Azure Virtual Machine Series and A, D, Dv2, F, G, and H, Microsoft Azure is now ready for the December 2016 worldwide release of its N-Series. The Azure N-Series allows digital machines with Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) skills to propose the NVIDIA® platform. To meet rapidly growing needs, workloads, and information, facilities must be equipped to deal with synthetic intelligence, remote and three-D visualization, superior studies, portrait rendering, etc. Azure N-Series presents the strength to pressure the high-overall performance computing vital for in-depth scientific studies, studying, and training fashions that can be GPU-enabled and much greater.

Microsoft Hybrid Use Benefit is value-effective

Purchasing cloud computing offerings for principal firms is constantly a luxurious assignment. Microsoft delivered the MS Azure Hybrid Use Benefit (AHUB) to mitigate this value burden. With the assistance of AHUB, clients can use their on-premises Windows server license (with software program assurance) to work with MS Azure. Immaterial of the workload and facts center’s storage area, AHUB presents Windows Server Virtual Machines support at decreased pricing. With AHUB, users can store up to 44% of their annual price on a single digital device.

Want to study more about cloud computing software programs? Enroll in NetCom Learning’s Microsoft Azure Training publications. NetCom Learning provides extensive certification publications for builders, engineers, records administrators, consultants, and others.

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