15 versions of popular apps that save your data and storage


We all recognize smartphones’ importance and over-dependence in our lives and the apps we are continuously downloading on them. But with too many apps, our smartphones generally tend to decrease over the years gradually. That’s where the toned-down versions of the app come in. Over some time, many popular app companies have released bloatware-loose variations in their apps that aren’t the best lightweight; however, they also carry out the essential functions even on low bandwidth. Here, we have indexed 15 such apps so that they will be available in handy if you are running low on net pace or space:

Facebook Lite2 / sixteen Facebook Lite

Launched in India in 2015, the Facebook Lite app is great even on a 2G network and saves your cell phone space. The Lite model gives the usual Facebook app features and shares to a Timeline, liking pics, looking for humans, and editing your profile and companies. It has a download size of one.34 MB

Facebook Messenger Lite3 / 16 Facebook Messenger Lite
Since Facebook has a separate Messenger app, it makes feel to have a toned-down version of the Messenger app. It will take eight.07MB space to your device and is stated to attain people even in an area with a sluggish or unstable net connection. Apart from sending messages to human beings one-on-one or in businesses, you could make one-on-one voice and video calls.

Twitter Lite4 / 16 Twitter Lite

Weighing simply 0.93MB, this app was released in India just this month. The app is stated to load fast on both 3G and 2G community pace. It is also claimed to show on records saver mode to download only the pics or films you want to look at.

Google Go5 / 16 Google Go

Google’s search app, which is 5MB in length, works for short seek even on slow connections and smartphones with low space. The app locates effects optimally to keep as much as 40% of the information. The app comes with easy seek alternatives, suggests trending queries, and even attempts to find content material. It additionally comes with better contextual effects on India-associated statistics.

Uber Lite6 / 16Uber Lite

A stripped-down version of the cab-hailing platform Uber, this app was released in India in June 2018. The app weighs much less than 5MB and works in low connectivity areas as nicely. It has a claimed three hundred milliseconds reaction time and is built for those constrained by connectivity options. Uber Lite is the handiest in 3 Indian markets — Jaipur, Hyderabad, and Delhi.

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Amazon Internet7 / 16 Amazon Internet

E-commerce massive Amazon’s web browser was released in India in April 2018 and weighs 2.4MB. Other features of this app are safe internet browsing and news updates on the house web page.

Google Maps Go8 / 16 Google Maps Go

This toned-down version of the Google Maps app weighs 167KB and is a web app variant of the authentic Google Maps app, now with navigation support. The app is designed to run smoothly on devices with constrained reminiscence and unreliable networks without compromising velocity to provide your place, real-time site visitors updates, directions, and educate bus and town transit facts.

Files Go9 / 16Files Go.

This app from Google allows financial handset customers to delete content easily on their gadgets, locate documents, pictures, and other content quicker than earlier, and percentage files even offline. The files transferred are encrypted, rapid, and unfastened. This app takes less than 6MB area on the telephone, claims Google.

Amazon Kindle Lite10 / 16 Amazon Kindle Lite
Kindle Lite is a lightweight app built especially for the reading experience, even on sluggish networks and patchy connectivity. It lets you select from over five million books from the Kindle Store and weighs much less than 2MB.

Ola Lite11 / 16 Ola Lite

Launched in December 2017, the Ola Lite app weighs less than 1MB and leads within three seconds as soon as fired up. Ola Lite uses the Progressive Web App (PWA) framework and even lets users sign up via their touch numbers instead of email.

Opera Mini12 / 16 Opera Mini

This model of the Opera Mini browser weighs much less than 7.8MB and helps you maintain a check in your records savings. It comes with an integrated ad blocker and supports smarter downloads. It essentially means that it’ll download documents in the heritage and prevent you from downloading larger files until you’re back on Wi-Fi.

15 versions of popular apps that save your data and storage

Skype Lite13 / 16 Skype Lite

Popular video calling platform Skype has a Lite version, released in February 2017. Skype Lite has almost all of the everyday capabilities of the usual Skype app, like instant messaging, audio/video calls, and image sharing, and is much less than 13MB in length. It gives in-built information-saving capabilities consisting of automatic switching between networks and picture compression.

LinkedIn Lite14 / 16 LinkedIn Lite

Professional social community, LinkedIn’s Lite app for Android, is claimed to work seamlessly even on 2G or 3G connections and takes up much less than 1MB of space on your smartphone. Apart from that, it’s also stated to consume much less battery. It claims to lessen the facts usage by using eighty and masses pages over 5 seconds.

Shazam Lite15 / 16 Shazam Lite

This toned-down model of the Shazam app was released in 2016 and weighed 621 kg. This app is optimized to utilize as little information as possible and can discover songs offline and shop the most recent consequences.

Navigation for Google Maps Go16 / 16 Navigation for Google Maps Goes A companion app of the Google Maps Go. This app presents GPS flip-by-turn voice-guided navigation and is optimized for performance low-reminiscence telephones.

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