Aly Jones

Aly Jones

Twitter evangelist. Web fanatic. Lifelong travel nerd. Passionate zombie scholar. Extreme coffee fan. Amateur entrepreneur. Avid beer lover. Had moderate success lecturing about wieners in the UK. Won several awards for short selling clip-on ties in Hanford, CA. Uniquely-equipped for creating marketing channels for cod in Bethesda, MD. Spent a weekend buying and selling Easter candy in Phoenix, AZ. Was quite successful at analyzing tar in the government sector. Have a strong interest in getting to know barbie dolls for fun and profit.

How Emil Michael Plans to Accelerate Quantum Computing

Top tech executive Emil Michael has always looked to the future to harness solutions for present-day issues. With an ongoing interest in artificial intelligence and robotics, Michael says he's never underestimated the value of quantum computing. Emil Michael's SPAC, DPCM Capital, raised $300 million before announcing its acquisition of D-Wave Systems. Canada's first major commercial quantum computing company is now going public in an approximately $1.6 billion deal. D-Wave Quantum Inc. will soon be traded on the New York Stock Exchange under "QBTS." "We remain excited about the pending business...
Internet Tips

Tips for Creating on the Internet with Yung Jake

Yung Jake has a SoundCloud page with rap songs and a sequence of successful track movies. By definition, Yung Jake is a rapper. He makes websites, emoji photos, interactive art, apps, installations, and different internet creations. Yung Jake is more than a rapper. "I started out making rap' reason I was tired of explaining my art," he says. "So I simply rapped, so the explaining became the art." Known for experimenting with new mediums and structures, the label he receives defined with the maximum is "net artist." It's a term...
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