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A record tour

A record tour 1

Now there’s a Guinness World Record that proves that you can actually use public shipping and visit several historical past websites inside 12 hours. Is it possible to visit seven UNESCO world background websites, unfold across 3 states in less than 12 hours? Is that too handiest using public delivery? It is, as a collection of 21 contributors (eleven of them from Coimbatore) proved it. They finished this and set a Guinness World Record. The journey changed into organized through excursion agencies Triumph Expeditions of Coimbatore and Transcend Adventures in Hyderabad. The historical past spots the expedition covered have been Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Keoladeo National Park, Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort, and Qutab Minar. The time taken for the task was 11 hours, 33 mins, and 18 seconds. The members used trains, buses, and automobile-rikshaws for his or her commute.

A record tour

Suresh Kumar.N, the founder of Triumph Expedition, says it took almost 8 months to plot the journey. “I am an avid visitor, and I wanted to expose humans that India is a safe location for guests. Our group had men, women, and youngsters of a while 5 to forty-five.”

Twenty 5 trial runs had been undertaken earlier than the professional World Record try. These helped them discover the shortest routes the general public restrooms, hospitals, and restaurants have to they need them. Each of the members carried a backpack with biscuits, energy drinks, and water. The organization started its journey from Taj Mahal, Agra, at five.20 am on July eight. They visited Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, and Keoladeo National Park before boarding the Jan Shatabdi Express at nine.20 am for Delhi. “The agenda turned into annoying. The only time we rested turned into the three-hour education adventure to Delhi. We had our breakfast in the teaching,” says Kumar.

A record tour

The Guinness authority had sent them a one hundred fifty-web page hints to be observed. The organization changed into required to take pics with the background websites inside the heritage. Two witnesses at each website needed to fill in paperwork and fix their identification proof with them. This becomes to be submitted to Guinness by the institution individuals. “The Ministry of Tourism helped us with that element. But these approaches took time. Though our trail ride took us most effective 10 hours, the actual trip took longer due to these formalities. We had our 2d meal after the entirety of the experience, at 5.30 pm. In the pleasure of the project, we did now not sense hungry in any respect.”

It was a difficult venture in elements, says Saravanan R (28), a player. “It becomes warm and humid. One of the contributors got dehydrated, but by some means, we controlled it. I was surprised to look at the keenness of the children. They in no way complained, and their electricity lifted our spirits. I became dubious of the performance of public transport gadgets and the cleanliness of bathrooms. But this experience busted my misconceptions. These locations are well connected, and the lavatories are smooth. We celebrated the cease of the experience with a few true South Indian food and sound sleep.”

Kumar’s subsequent adventure is with 25 individuals. “I am planning an automobile ride from Kanyakumari to the Himalayas in September.”

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