Bajaj Finance, Jubilant Food, ITC, Bata, Godrej Consumer to get astrological support this week: Satish Gupta


Satish Gupta

Weekly planetary position: the Moon could be transiting in Aquarius and Pisces during the week. Lord Saturn in Sagittarius. Lord Jupiter in Libra. Lord Ketu and Mars in Capricorn. Lord Rahu, Sun, and Mercury in Cancer. Venus in Leo. Pluto in Sagittarius. Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries. Venus will shift to Virgo on August 2, 2018

Planet Mercury, which controls our thoughts (Buddhi), is transiting in Cancer and is in the retrograde role from July 26, 2018, to August 19, 2018. Be careful, as one is likely to make incorrect choices, resulting in financial losses, depending on the position in a man or woman’s horoscope.

Technical analysts/researchers may be worst affected (because planet Mercury is the significator of this profession). Persons with Cancer, Gemini, Virgo, and Capricorn ascendant/Rashi must be more vigilant.

Satish Gupta
Satish Gupta
CEO support: Satish Gupta
Shriram Transport, Bajaj Finance, M&M Financials to get astrological support: Satish Gupta
Reliance Capital, PFC, Capital First, Equitas Holdings, Ujjivan Financial to get astrological guide: Satish Gupta.FOLLOWING SECTORS WILL BE RECEIVING ASTROLOGICAL SUPPORT:

Bajaj Finance, Jubilant Food, ITC, Bata, Godrej Consumer to get astrological support this week: Satish Gupta

NBFC/Housing Finance: Bajaj Finance, Shriram Transport, Cholamandalam Investment, Bajaj Finserv, M&M Financial, Indiabulls Housing, Can Fin Homes, etc. This area turned into the expected ultimate week, too & at some stage in the week – Bajaj Finance, M&M Financial, and Shriram Transport Finance shot up by 10- 20 percent.

Food Processing: Jubilant Food, GSK Consumer, Heritage Food, Kohinoor Food, Apex Frozen, and many others. This area also became expected in the final week, and Kohinoor Food, Heritage Food, and Apex Frozen increased by 12 – 21 percent.

Tobacco: ITC, Godfrey Phillips, VST Industries, etc.

Leather: Bata India, Sreeleathers, Lawreshwar Poly, Bhartiya International, Liberty Shoes, etc. This quarter changed into the expected final week, too & at some stage in the week – Bata, Bhartiya International, Sreeleathers, and Lawreshwar Poly shot up by 9- forty percent. Personal care: HUL, Marico, Godrej Consumer, Emami, etc. The IT sector will keep receiving astrological assistance.


Every 12 months, with the graduation of the new Samvat (Hindu New Year), astrologically, based totally on planetary position, new sectors begin getting robust astrological help & start outperforming, while a few other industries that have been acting earlier start underperforming. Some sectors/stocks remain laggard.

Bajaj Finance, Jubilant Food, ITC, Bata, Godrej Consumer to get astrological support this week: Satish Gupta

Based on our enjoyment of over 20 years as financial astrologers, stocks of astrological supported sectors outperform, resulting in excessive gains no matter the marketplace behavior, both bull market or bear marketplace.

Every 12 months, we launch sectors of the latest Samvat within March/April while the new Samvat starts. This time, the new Samvat began on March 18, 2018.

We firmly agree that these unique astrological positions present very particular opportunities for traders and investors. If utilized well, this possibility can protect your present portfolio and concurrently optimize your future investments and trading. Successful investing and trading are all about excellent timing.

Our innumerable past predictions, where most stocks from the SECTORS of SAMVAT gave exorbitant returns & certain stores liked by way of over 500 percent.

After a gap of a few years, Sugar Quarter commenced getting astrological assistance in 2015, and lots of shares i. I.e., Dwarikesh Sugar, Mawana Sugar, Upper Ganges, Uttam Sugar, and so on shot up by 500 – 900 percent. In 2016, the dyes/chemical substances zone got astrological aid, and shares like Bhageria Industries, Thirumalai Chemicals, Sudarshan Chemicals, and so forth were up by 490- 650 percent.

During the closing of Samvat 2074 (2017-2018), among other sectors – the meals processing sector turned predicted, which obtained robust astrological support. Many stocks from this zone are favored exorbitantly.

Sectors that get very strong astrological assistance aren’t typically laid low with a downfall within the market.

· Sectors that get robust astrological help also start getting favorable news along with all forms of the wonderful guide using regulatory government in that industry, resulting in sturdy growth & terrific tremendous results. Most of the issues also begin resolving.

Disclaimer: The views and investment recommendations expressed by funding experts on are personal and no longer those of the website or its management. Moneycontrol.Com advises customers to check with certified specialists before making any investment selections.

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