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The latest internet craze includes dancing alongside moving cars — and, surprise, people are getting badly hurt


While you assume the Internet cannot get any weirder, it constantly does. A current internet trend is inspiring drivers worldwide to jump out of transferring cars and dance in the street, even as a pal in the passenger seat films. Now, transpiration officers and law enforcement are beginning to talk about the damaging fad.

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The latest internet craze includes dancing alongside moving cars — and, surprise, people are getting badly hurt 1

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The viral phenomenon is known as the #InMyFeelings Challenge. It is the brand new — and in all likelihood most risky — of the viral video dares, just like the Cinnamon Challenge (which brought about loads of young adults ingesting a spoonful of natural cinnamon) or the Mannequin Challenge (wherein a room full of humans keep perfectly nevertheless even as a moving digital camera character pans over each).

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Now Playing: Drake’s “In My Feelings” Dance Challenge Is Starting To Cause Serious Trouble
Drake’s “In My Feelings” Dance Challenge Is Starting To Cause Serious Trouble

Media: Vocativ

The project, occasionally also known as the #Keke, has stuck the attention of social media users anywhere, together with cable information shops like ABC and communicate shows like Kelly and Ryan and The View, and is starting to be referred to as out with the aid of law enforcement all over you. S.

Police Chief Joseph Solomon of Methuen, Massachusetts, told CBS: “It’s most effective a rely of time on before a person gets sucked into the wheels of the automobile or dragged or the driver who is recording it with their telephone hits somebody crossing the street.”

Fads like these continually have some iterations; however, the motion pictures all function as a quick dance, followed using the song “In My Feelings” from Drake’s contemporary album, “Scorpion,” released July twenty-ninth. The dance was pioneered with the aid of online character and comic Shiggy, who posted this video of himself dancing on the road on Instagram the same night time the track launched:

The clip went viral, and endless enthusiasts and visitors, including celebrities like Will Smith, Ciara, and DJ Khaled, decided to mimic the stunt via dancing in increasingly impressive places and below risky situations.

At a few points, the mission mostly consisted of human beings slowing their automobiles to move slowly and encouraging their buddies to hop out and dance along with the vehicle.

Things took a flip for the worst when humans commenced upping the ante, as always happens with internet-demanding situations like these. People began dancing, hopping out of the driver’s seat and truely letting the automobile roll.

It’s easy to assume how this may pass wrong, truly speedy. As a result of the assignment, there are many videos of people falling on pavement, inflicting vehicle accidents, and getting hit by oncoming cars on YouTube.


Connecticut State Police, known as the exercise “distracted driving,” said it could result in a reckless endangerment fee if a driver is caught in the act, consistent with FOX21.

Remember when you first started connecting to the IInternet? The chances are that, at this time, you had been using a dial-up connection. You needed to use a dial-up link when the Internet appeared because it became the simplest connection. Dial-up connections, particularly at the beginning, have been slow and unreliable and often cut out at the wrong time. Even worse, they required cellphone traces to obtain an Internet signal, so they interfered with our incoming and outgoing cellphone calls. Even with all their hang-ups, we were pleased to have the Internet in our homes and workplaces. After all, inspite all its downsides, this sort of connection becomes better than nothing.

Following dial-up, there have been a few foremost breakthroughs in how we may want to get online. The first step forward was the cable modem. With those modems, we may not want to connect with the IInternet, but we also experienced a large leap in pace. Cable modems are much faster than dial-up connections. After cable modems, we saw the delivery of wi-fi Internet. This was every other massive bounce in Internet generation. WWith the help of a wireless router, we cannot handily connect to the IInternet. However, we have been additionally loose to move our houses and offices. Wireless gave us mobility that hadn’t existed before.

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