Are you gigabit ready? 5 Tips to receive the highest possible speed

Are you gigabit ready? 5 Tips to receive the highest possible speed 1

Don’t we all remember the constant buffering of a video on YouTube? Just that little circle is easing for a long-long time. YesYouarched for the best internet service providers near me, and you got the best plan. Still, your internet speed remains lousy.

Well, don’t worry! We have put together a small doable list of things you can do to get the highest possible speed. We are not talking Mbps speed, but Gbps high-speed internet.

Before diving into the list, let’s first understand the difference between Gigabit and Gigabyte to understand internet speed better.


What is the difference between GB (Gigabyte) and Gb (Gigabit)?

Gigabyte or GB and Gigabit or Gb are both used as measuring units. However, they are used to measure different things.

GB is used to measure data storage, whereas Gb is used to measure data speed. If you notice around, you will see how a repository of a hard drive is usually represented by ‘n’ GB. But when it comes to your internet speed, it is always described as ‘n’ Gbps or Mbps.

Often people get confused between both terms. Usually, if you take a new broadband connection with a basic plan, you get around 40 Mbps speed. If you wish to bring high-speed internet, we suggest you take up projects which offer 1Gbps.

If not, here are five things you can do to get the highest possible Gigabit speed.

You should try five tips with your new broadband connection to get the highest speed possible!

Don’t keep waiting for your internet speed to become fast miraculously! Follow these:

Choose the right Frequency Band

Two frequency bands are used by any broadband connection – 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz.

The 2.4 GHz is preferred over 5 GHz as it offers a more comprehensive range of connectivity. Although, if your internet speed is slow for your new broadband connection, you should try switching to 5GHz. The 5GHz offers faster internet speed but for a smaller range.

Centrally locate the router.

Many people mistake placing the router in a secluded and cramped corner of their homes. Routers need interference-free surroundings to transmit the signals for data transfer. Therefore, it is recommended to locate your router in the central part of your home at a good height. Make sure your router is not getting blocked by any furniture, etc.

With zero hindrance, the router will transfer data much better, resulting in better internet speed.

Choose the right plan with the right internet service provider for your new broadband connection.

If you are looking for speed in Gigabit, you need to choose an ISP. Currently, Airtel Xstream Fiber provides 1Gbps speed with unlimited data.

You can also go for the Infinity plan provided by the company. The telecom brand promises office-like fast internet of 1Gbps with its connection.

Unplug unused devices

Although it seems like an easy step, it is quiprettyportant for faster internet speed. Given that your new broadband connection has a limited bandwidth, you need to ensure only very important devices are connected with it for internet.

Given that bandwidth of any connection is shared depending on how many devices are connected, it is a good idea to unplug IoT products like unused smart speakers or others if they are not used frequently.

Update your router/modem

A lot of times, an outdated model of your router or modem can hamper your internet speed. It is suggested that you buy a resh model of these devices and keep them updated with the latest software for faster data transmission

In conclusion, if you are looking for speed in Gigabits for your new broadband connection, you need to choose an ISP with a plan that offers 1Gbps and more internet speed. A brand like Airtel will be a good choice for you!

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