Australian software firm launches UK headquarters in Stockport


An Australian software program company has set up its UK headquarters in Stockport. Sydney-based shipping software program issuer SmartFreight moved into Cheadle Place in June. It has wasted no time constructing a crew it will want to satisfy growing customer demand. Recruits met for the first time a fortnight to study the enterprise and share their ideas and stories on enhancing purchaser relationships.

Jeff Francis, the countrywide partnership supervisor at SmartFreight, stated: “It’s an exciting time for us. We have just established the notable team of talented people we need to satisfy demand. And I couldn’t be happier with the group’s mindset and contribution. They have hit the floor going for walks and are full of ideas and energy to meet our customers’ demanding situations.


Nanomaterials company Nanoco Group appoints a new CFO in an extended role. “The welcome day was an extraordinary possibility to realize everybody and ensure we are influenced and aligned to drag within the equal path. Informal and open dialogue is something I agree with every fortnight; I want human beings to come back collectively, proportion understanding, study from, and inspire every other.

“There is, of the path, a huge amount of work taking place backstage to set up ourselves quickly. However, I have a talented team with interesting thoughts and a fresh technique for consumer engagement. “We’re fired up by using every other and proportion a similar business ethos that could be a combination of old-fashioned customer care with a cutting-edge, relationship-building style that goes beyond, in reality, promoting a software program platform.

We all understand the fast-paced, multichannel world many clients work in and why they want companies that develop and increase with them. SmartFreight is part of the IFS Group and has workplaces in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Ireland.

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UK headquarters

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