How to protect you pc from spammers, spam web pages.

Preserve a “smooth” deal with. While emailing to unknown events; posting to newsgroups, emailing lists, chat rooms and different public areas on the internet; or publishing a Web page that mentions your address,  it is nice to try this from a “aspect” account, a few pseudonymous or simply exchange address, and to apply your essential […]

How to make your old Pc/Laptop Fast?

I’ve a 5-yr old Toshiba Satellite tv for PC P500 with Microsoft Windows 7 installed. I love it because it’s got a 17.1in screen, but it’s getting slower and creakier. Ought to I just replace the present severe force with an updated one? Could this get me again to the way it changed into appearing […]

Using computer games to teach your class : Tips

We communicate to Ollie Bray, the Countrywide Adviser for Emerging Technologies in Getting to know at Education Scotland, about how gaming may be utilised in Training. With a fruitful and varied profession as a trainer, head of branch and college leader, uses computer fun games,to teach her class. Ollie believes that one of the many […]

Which laptop to buy? Windows or Mac?

I am getting my son a brand new laptop for Christmas. My price range is around £500. He’s adamant that he needs a 15in HP PC – he gained be lugging it everywhere – however, I’ve also been looking at Dell and Asus ZenBooks. My query is: Can I future-proof my buy to take him […]

Google announces New Smartwatch

Nonetheless: new watches, new rectangles, new track – these needn’t positively affect you in case you don’t want them to. However, the different new development – the release of iOS eight – is impossible for iPhone customers to ignore. It’s curious that we, the users, are purported to appearance as if we are eagerly expecting […]

Is Android really free software?

To what extent does Android admire the liberty of its users? For a PC user that values freedom, this is the maximum essential question to ask approximately any software program system. Within the free/libre software movement, we expand software program that respects users’ freedom, so you and we can escape from software that does not. […]

Best photography softwares for Android Ios Mac and Windows.

The point, shoot and share: Smartphones have sparked an explosion in pictures. According to tech analyst Mary Meeker’s annual internet traits research, more than 500m pics have been uploaded and shared each day in early 2013. That’s startling sufficient, but 12 months later, Meeker claimed the daily general had risen to one.8bn. She did now […]