Edit videos Like a Pro : Camera Tips


The top aspect you need to consider is the target market – something you should consider at the start of the whole method. It will decide how the video is made, the level of trouble in the language you operate, and, in truth, the entire tone.

Once you have edited your video and perfected the soundtrack, the question is how to present your work. So, how do you edit your camera videos like a pro? The common possibilities are:

· Ship the edited DV and return to the virtual video digital camera’s tape

· Copy it to VHS or Betamax tape to technique it so that it can grow to be a web video

· Replica it to a CD or DVD

· Save it on the PC tough disk

· Create a streaming video (Movie in a format you can email).

If you want a day video, you will need reminiscence space. The social preference is to put the edited video directly to disk. You could directly output your video as a video CD or a DVD for your disk-burning force for playback in a well-matched tool. Short movies are first-class on CD. DVDs are steeply priced but have more reminiscence areas. If you want new power, especially for virtual video-making, make certain the one you purchase can write DVD-R discs readable in DVD players and drives.

You can also make a streaming video (RealVideo, Quicktime, or Windows Media documents) to electronic mail to your buddies or put it on a web page. These take appreciably less space, although the photographs are of lower first-class. In all likelihood, the high-quality manner to present material is on an interactive whiteboard. It gives a cinematic feel and ensures the target audience is in danger of being immersed in the work.

John Davitt adds that Apple’s QuickTime is a useful software device for publishing finished video clips around faculty networks. Just pop the completed record within the shared place at the college intranet, and each different station on the web can view it. As a layout for digital video, it works similarly correctly on Computer and Macintosh computer systems, and even big video files will begin gambling before they are completely downloaded.

You may turn your free QuickTime player into QuickTime Seasoned (£25 from apple.Com) if you purchase a license. It permits you to edit QuickTime clips entirely using highlighting, slicing, and pasting – just as textual content in a phrase record. Youngsters love this because they can deconstruct the films – recording a bit of themselves – saving it as a QuickTime clip, and passing themselves into a movie trailer they desire.

The editing software program works with a storyboard and a timeline, and, like the other programs, It will realize scene breaks and separate them into clips.

The SmartCapture part of this system is precise. Instead of bringing in the video at excessive great, it records at a decreased resolution to store in the storage area. A 30-minute DV tape takes up 6.5Gb of disk space; SmartCapture takes 75Mb, lowering it to around 90%. You edit your video at the decreased resolution and, when you’ve finished the program, routinely recreate it at its authentic quality stage. This makes the whole thing a great deal faster and simpler to deal with.


Other Computer editing packages:

Dazzle MovieStar five
track Maker 7
Ulead Video Studio MGI Videowave Electricity Director Seasoned

Windows Movie Maker (free)

Edit videos free! This confined software program comes with Microsoft XP and ME working structures. It will seize, organize, and edit video clips, then export them for Laptop or Internet playback. It supports each timeline and storyboard view, and robotically, segments enter the video into clips by detecting scene adjustments. This is free editing software.

It’s miles designed for Developing Windows Media streaming video and does not support importing and exporting video in different non-Microsoft codecs. There are no video or transition outcomes; however, you could trade the audio stage. Its original use provides the danger of finding out if video modifying is for you. The maximum of what you study will be observed in different packages.

Pinnacle Studio DV8 (£80)

It can be set up on RM and Viglen virtual enhancing computer systems (consisting of a firewire card and cable) and pre-hooked in both businesses’ new dev machines. Canon is bundling the software with its new camcorders.

You could use it to edit older VHS videos and edit sound with greater precision than other rival merchandise. Except for software, A few Top products come with a firewire card and lead, allowing you to confirm a Laptop and link to the digital camera.


Lawyers for the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, have accused a newspaper editor of espionage and want him jailed for life, the paper said, the latest salvo in a bitter dispute that alarmed defenders of media freedom in Turkey.

In the countdown to a parliamentary election on 7 June, the Cumhuriyet newspaper infuriated Erdoğan by publishing video footage. It showed the MIT state intelligence agency helping to send weapons to Syria.

In an article posted on its website, Cumhuriyet – long critical of Erdoğan and Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) – said its editor, Can Dündar, was now facing charges that included “crimes against the government” and “providing information concerning national security” over the video footage. Cumhuriyet said Erdoğan’s lawyers had lodged a criminal complaint with the Istanbul prosecutor’s office. No one from Erdoğan’s office was immediately available to comment. Speaking to the state broadcaster TRT on Saturday, Erdoğan said the journalist behind the publication of the video would “pay a high price” for his actions and vowed to take legal action.

Reuters reported on 21 May, citing a prosecutor and court testimony, that MIT helped deliver arms to parts of Syria under Islamist rebel control in late 2013 and early 2014. The witness testimony contradicts Turkey’s denials that it sent weapons to Syrian rebels and, by extension, contributed to the rise of the Islamic State, now a major concern for the Nato member.

Syria and some of Turkey’s Western allies say Turkey, in its haste to see President Bashar al-Assad toppled, let fighters and arms over the border, some of whom joined ISIS, which now controls swaths of Syria and Iraq. You can use a vast range of devices to make YouTube videos. A laptop with a built-in webcam is probably the easiest option, but the obvious alternative is smartphones. Most digital cameras can now shoot video as well.

The fact that so many people have the equipment must be partly responsible for the huge number of videos uploaded to YouTube – 300 hours worth per minute. Watch a few, and you’ll notice that the quality ranges from execrable to professional. However, sick videos can’t always be blamed on inadequate equipment. Professional video makers can produce excellent videos with an indifferent kit, while beginners can produce mediocre results even with the best equipment.


Doing it right

Good YouTubers focus on image stability, lighting, picture composition, and sound quality. They start by mounting the smartphone or camera on a tripod because a stable image looks better than one created with a shaky handheld camera. They also ensure that their subject is well–lit, especially if it’s just one person speaking to the camera. Digital cameras produce excellent results when there’s plenty of light: your brilliant holiday snaps probably look great. They struggle in low light conditions, often creating grainy images due to digital “noise.” They also work with high-contrast lighting, though experts can use manual controls to exploit that.

If you’re a beginner, the best free option is a well-lit, white-walled room, but try decluttering the background. Putting a desk lamp above and behind the camera is better than nothing. If the result looks harsh, put greaseproof or tissue paper in front to soften the light. (Keep writing well away from incandescent bulbs: they get hot.)

Neewer makes a range of dimmable, battery-powered LED light arrays that you can fit into a camera hot shoe or mount on a tripod. They’re cheap – they start at around £20 to £30 – and work well, but several alternatives exist. (Batteries are usually not included: buy rechargeables.)

Serious YouTubers often work hard to capture good quality sound, and high-end microphones like the Rode NT1-A and Heil PR40 are often conspicuous. However, even a cheap lapel mic like the Boya BY-M1 (£14.99) will produce better results than a built-in mic, partly because it’s much closer to your mouth. Alternatives include gaming headsets and earbuds if you don’t mind wearing them.


You can also use a camera, make a separate digital recording, and combine the sound and visuals later. Most video editing programs, including Windows Movie Maker, can do this.

Use what you have.

Rather than buying a new camera, get your son to experiment with devices that you already own. Any laptop with a built-in HD webcam that shoots 720p video should be good enough. If it doesn’t produce good results even in decent lighting (some don’t), you can buy an external USB webcam. If the sound is the problem, try an external microphone such as the BM-800 (£17.99) or Blue Microphones’ Snowball iCE (£48.98).

When buying a webcam, look for a Full HD resolution that shoots 1080p video. The Logitech C920 HD Pro is familiar to YouTubers and reasonably priced at £57.98. Cheaper alternatives, such as the Papa Look PA452(£19.99). The Logitech C525 (£30.79 or £44.99) would also work well, though it only does 720p video.

Most smartphones can do the job, too, especially if you add an external microphone. For stability, the smartphone should be mounted on a small tripod, such as the Everest Flexible Octopus (£11.99). Amazon has lots of alternatives. Either way, it must be horizontal. On YouTube, vertical videos are an abomination.

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