Gulfport hosts annual Back to School Health and Wellness Fair



The City of Gulfport ensured students were organized, wholesome, and ready for the new college for 12 months. Hundreds arrived at Jones Park on Saturday for the Back to School Health and Wellness Fair. Over 50 vendors were out handing out school materials and books and offering unfastened fitness screenings.

“It’s just an extraordinary way for parents to come back by way of and produce their children to get college resources, fitness screenings, see the network companions that offer offerings that assist with the school 12 months. It’s just an extraordinary possibility,” stated Gulfport public data officer Chris Vignes. “School supplies may be costly, and that is community companions stepping as much as make this beneficial for households, youngsters, it’s that time of year again to high school.”

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8. Present the Beachbody opportunity to Teachers. While a few teachers revel in their summers off, some search for jobs or options during the summertime. Summer is an excellent time for a trainer to start with Beachbody and construct their commercial enterprise after retaining element-time during the faculty’s 12 months.

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11. Present Beachbody workout routines to humans doing a food regimen, which includes Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. The Beachbody exercises are an outstanding complement to consuming properly and losing weight. Since those applications focus more on weight loss than ingesting, you can assist human beings in using these packages to discover the correct exercise to round out their healthy diet weight-reduction plan.

12. Present the Beachbody Products to Police and Fire Departments. Police and health departments are wonderful to work with because they want powerful workouts to hold them in form for their jobs. You could even lead a project with a hearth or police branch.

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16. Go to the Library and depart your commercial enterprise playing cards in workout and fitness books. People looking for exercise and health recommendations from readers could most likely be pleased to have the loose education that Beachbody coaches offer. This is an incredible way to target those looking for your services.

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