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How to Use Google Keyword Seo Tool


The keyword seo tool you are looking for is the free keyword tool offered by Google itself. You can use it for free to check how many times your keywords have been searched for and what positions they were at for the period. It also shows you how many searches have been done in the past for any given keyword.

Do you struggle with getting your website to rank on page one of Google? You’re not alone. This is a common problem for newbies who want to make money online.

While it might seem like a good idea to spend a ton of money on hiring a professional SEO to do all the work for you, the truth is that it’s a bad idea.

You don’t need to hire a professional SEO if you have a solid plan to rank on page one of Google. You don’t even need to pay them a single dime.

We’ll show you how to use Google’s keyword tool to find keywords and phrases that will help your site rank higher on Google.

Google keyword research tools are beneficial in understanding the keyword search volume and trends for your niche. It also helps you find what keywords you need to work on to improve your website rank. The following article includes an in-depth explanation of how to use these tools effectively.

Google Keyword Seo Tool

How to use Google keyword tools

So you’ve got a great website, but your site is stuck in the middle of the pack. If you’re spending money on paid advertising and it’s still not working, it’s time to dig into Google’s free keyword research tool.

The free keyword research tool has been around for quite a while, and it’s a great way to start learning how to rank your website. It’s also a helpful tool for finding keywords currently generating much traffic.

In brief, you type in a keyword, and Google shows you the number of searches performed last month. You can filter the results by location, language, and so on.

You can also save the search results to a CSV file. And if you’re looking for a specific keyword, you can copy the URL from the SERP.

What is a Google keyword planner?

Google Keyword Planner is an online tool that helps you identify the keywords you should focus on. It’s also a great tool to create content for your website and see what keywords you should be targeting.

Keyword planners are one of the best SEO tools because they help you identify the words and phrases your target audience is searching for.

For example, if you want to rank on page one for the keyword “e-commerce”, the first step is to research and find out what the most popular e-commerce websites are.

Next, determine which websites get the most traffic and how often. This information is available from the Google Keyword Planner, which lets you compare the performance of different keywords.

As you can see, the results are displayed in a graph, so you can see how a specific keyword performs against other keywords. If you see that your target audience is only interested in buying “green” products, you know you need to focus on that keyword.

You can add the keywords you’ve discovered to the SEMrush keyword research tool or other tools, such as BuzzSumo and Google Trends.

It’s important to note that this is not an exact science. Keywords and content are two of the most changing aspects of the internet.

So, it would help if you kept testing and experimenting to get the best results.

Using Google Keyword Planner for SEO

You can spend days, weeks, months, or even years figuring out how to get your website to rank on page one.

While that sounds daunting, Google Keyword Planner makes it more accessible.

You type in a word you want to rank for, and Google Keyword Planner gives you a list of phrases people search for that contain your target keywords.

The results are presented in a heatmap that helps you see where your target keywords rank in Google.

Once you know that, you can start writing content covering the same topics but for each phrase.

Use Google Keyword Planner to find keywords.

There is no better way to know what your audience is searching for than using Google’s keyword planner. The tool offers the best of both worlds:

First, it’s free. There is no fee for using this tool.

Second, it allows you to find undefined keywords.

You would never search for fuzzy keywords on Google, yet they’re the most popular for SEO.

For example, if you wanted to buy a car, you wouldn’t search for the word “car.” Instead, you’d search for terms such as “used cars,” “cheap cars,” “new cars,” or “luxury cars.”

By looking for undefined keywords, you’ll find terms you’d never think of searching for.

 Frequently asked questions About Google Keyword Seo Tool

Q: How can we optimize our website search engine without paying any money?

A: We recommend using the Google Keyword Seo tool, which is free and available on It helps you find what terms are most popular in the area where your website is located. You then incorporate those words into your content and site. Google doesn’t pay for its Keyword Seo tool but can make money from advertising.

Q: What if our competition uses the Keyword Seo tool?

A: Your competition uses the Google Keyword Seo tool, which may not give you the same results. You might have a better idea of what terms should be used on your site, or you might have more of an understanding of optimizing your website. It’s your choice as to which way you want to go.

Q: Should we use the Google Keyword Seo tool?

A: Yes, it’s free. You can even look at your competitors’ websites using the tool and see their keywords. If they use the same terms, you know it’s a good choice.

 Top myths about Google Keyword Seo Tool

1. You need to have a keyword before using the tool.

2. The tool is useless if you don’t use it for two years.

3. Google doesn’t care what happens to your site if you don’t use it.

4. You won’t be able to rank high if you don’t use it.


Google Keyword Seo tool is a fantastic resource to help you learn how to use the essential tools for search engine optimization. I use it all the time.

It helps me stay on top of what’s happening in SEO. I can easily find the right keyword to target to improve my rankings.

The tool is straightforward and has a great community of users sharing tips, tricks, and tactics.

It’s free to join and a fantastic tool for beginners and experts alike.

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