Life is Strange: Season 2’s FIRST teaser now LIVE, more info coming SOON


Life is Strange Season 2 may be one of the maximum hotly-predicted episodic games of all time.

After a little tease in advance this year, we are now ready to listen greater approximately the sport – and Square Enix is glad to indulge us.

Today, the publisher has launched a touch teaser for the second one collection of the immensely popular narrative revel in, promising we will see extra of the game on August twentieth – simply earlier than Gamescom.

“We are nearly prepared to proportion the details on the next step in the award-prevailing Life is Strange series: a superb new five-episode story from unique Life is Strange builders, DONTNOD Entertainment,” reads a press launch from Square Enix.

“Experience an all-new adventure into the Life is the Strange universe, with the intention to set up Life is Strange as a numerous world of storytelling and solidify the franchise as a supply of immersive narrative adventures for years yet to come.”

The first episode of Life is Strange 2, will release on September 27, 2018, on XBOX ONE, PlayStation four and Windows PC/Steam.

You can see the trailer under.Image result for Life is Strange: Season 2's FIRST teaser now LIVE, more info coming SOON

Life is Strange 2, just like the season earlier than it, could be composed of five episodes.

If you are keen to get as lots of the universe for your lifestyles as you may before the release, you can download a sort-of prelude to the sports proper now on Xbox One and PS4.

The Adventures of Captain Spirit is available totally without spending a dime and can be performed through in approximately an hour.

The sport sets the scene for Life is Strange 2, and developer DONTNOD promises characters from the mini-episode will crop up in the final recreation itself.

Similarly to the figure series, the game has a mild-hearted initial first impression that belies an awful lot darker, deeper crucial issues.

You can expect the same from Life is Strange Season 2

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