Manage your Unplanned Expenses with an Instant Personal Loan!


A personal loan is our versatile financial savior in times of need. Be it to pay off a hefty credit card bill, meet a medical emergency, carry out a series of repairs for your home, or replace your damaged smartphone – you can put a personal loan to any use. Thanks to the paperless processes that most lenders follow, an online personal loan is now your best bet to meet unplanned expenses.


People choose instant personal loans to meet immediate cash needs because these loans have several advantages. Take a look:

Easy to apply

A personal loan application is one of the easiest of all loan products. All leading banks and financial institutions provide loan application facilities on their online platforms. The applicant can find the convenient EMI using a personal loan EMI calculator, fill out the online application form, furnish the soft copies of documents, and wait for the loan application to be processed.

Fast processing

AIf you need funds to meet sudden and unexpected expenses, applying for a personal loan is one of the obvious choices. fter checking the repayment capacity, credit score, and income level and performing other authentication procedures; the lender processes a personal loan application. The paperwork is limited without collaterals, making online personal loan processing faster. If you have pre-approved loans cleared by your lender, you can disburse your loan in minutes.

No collaterals required

Being an unsecured loan, you don’t have to provide any asset as collateral security. This leads to a simpler loan processing exercise. Besides, you don’t have to spend your precious time arranging for collateral at a time when you need the funds urgently.

Flexible loan products

You cannot plan for your loan well enough when you need it for unplanned expenses. There is always a risk that you might have to settle for costlier fund options. Luckily, personal loans offer flexibility in borrowing. You can quickly check the individual loan interest rates provided by different lenders, compare the loan tenures the selected lender offers and zero in on a suitable EMI. You even get Flexi-EMI options, where you can start at a lower EMI and increase it as your income increases.


The personal loan market is a competitive space where lenders vie for the market space with attractive personal loan interest rates. Besides, the RBI interest rate has fallen significantly ever since the pandemic started, thus ensuring that personal loan EMI becomes more and more affordable.

To sum up

Even if you need to meet your unplanned expenses quickly, take the time out to check a personal loan EMI calculator and find the loan tenure and EMI that are ideal for your budget. Suppose you need a higher loan; rope a co-applicant to increase your personal loan eligibility. These steps ensure that a personal loan sufficiently meets your urgent cash needs.

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