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Napoleon Lessons for Google & Microsoft


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Napoleon Bonaparte changed into arguably the most strategic mindset to battle. As we shall see later, his strategic brilliance is equally applicable to the competitive international Commercial Enterprise; in this situation, Microsoft’s rivalry with Google.

A touch history

Microsoft, the sector’s biggest software seller, has been around for quite a long time. Its goal market is specifically selling operating structures and workplace programs for desktop computers. Microsoft merchandise is sold to PC producers, i.e., Dell computers, which install and ship Microsoft software program packages to the consumers. So, in my experience, purchases turn out to be writing Invoice Gates a $a hundred+ test without ever understanding it. This is how Microsoft began to dominate the PC industry and became Bill Gates into present-day Henry Ford.

Google, however, is a highly new corporation. It blossomed throughout the dot-com growth, eventually dominating the net search engine Enterprise. Nowadays, Google attracts more than two hundred million specific queries on its search engine daily; statistically speaking, every question generates 12 cents for the corporation, which is eight zeros multiplied by 12! Google profits through its primarily based industrial technology called Adwords for most components. AdWords makes online Businesses approachable regarding easiness and affordability. Adwords, mixed with a comparable era called Adsense, made Google unlimited quantities of cash. Google, Nowadays, is the undisputed champion of the global web.

How they became enemies

“When you got down to take Vienna, take Vienna” – Napoleon




Till recently, both Google and Microsoft were dwelling in harmony. The masses used Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to surf Google’s search engine. However, the Internet’s seemingly unstoppable increase in early 2000 started to draw the attention of many industries. Microsoft executives saw the Internet as a significant market worth pursuing. Meanwhile, Google persisted in making unheard-of strides inside its search engine market. Having generated sufficient cash, Google took a different path; based on generation enthusiasts, Google started to go into various markets unrelated to its Business. Rumors began to spread that Google is constructing an internet “free” running Gadget and many other gears consisting of an opportunity model to the dominating Internet Explorer.

This, as you would possibly have guessed, ticked off Microsoft, and it took the bait and decided to roll its battle drums in opposition to Google. Microsoft, using the manner, isn’t the handiest corporation that feels threatened by way of its presence. Different Internet giants, along with AOL, Yahoo!, And eBay, are also feeling the heat because Google launched into its adventure toward dominating any market of the technological hobby. Google innovated in existing markets and, surprisingly, happened to overlook them.

For Microsoft, it becomes a hazard worth neutralizing. These days, Google has its hands in internet search, e-mail, online films, calendars, news, blogs, computing device seek, photograph sharing, online bills, social networking, immediate messaging, WiFi, word processors, internet web hosting, internet browser, seek toolbars, spreadsheets, dialogue agencies, maps and greater.

Before long, Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo! And eBay maneuvered to encapsulate Google’s ever-developing strength. Over a hundred years ago, Emperor Napoleon, the Google of his day, discovered himself in similar affairs. Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Britain were determined to battle.

The drums of conflict

“In no way interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake” – Napoleon Microsoft’s take on this fight is pretty one of a kind from Google’s. Eric Schmidt, Google’s chief government, has repeatedly alleged that the net marketplace isn’t a 0-sum game; in other words, it is feasible for two or more players to dominate a huge proportion of this market. Microsoft isn’t always used to this. In the past, it has decisively eliminated any opposition and taken the throne for itself. Microsoft has Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office; even the Microsoft downloads are high, too.

Has publicly declared an all-out conflict on Google.

Sarcastically, Google is the organization on the attack; it’s been aggressively pursuing Microsoft’s marketplace. However, using smart tactics has intimidated Microsoft to appear as the aggressor, while Google quietly includes its Business. In other words, Google has lured Microsoft right into a rash assault; while it finally ends up in disaster, Microsoft may have simplest itself in charge, and everybody around them will blame them, too. Google will win both the battle of appearances and the struggle in the sector. Only a few strategies offer such flexibility and power.



It takes extra strength to take land than to keep it. At some point in history, defensive procedures have won greater battles than the aggressors. After the first siege wave, the attacker loses the benefit of Marvel’s assault and leaves himself uncovered to a counter-attack. The defender can indeed see his method and take protective motion. Napoleon’s most celebrated victory, the warfare of Austerlitz, became a counter-attack, defeating a bigger army with a kill ratio of 15 to at least one.

A shielding position has to be the best way to disguise an offensive maneuver, a counter-attack. Google has, again and again, asserted that it isn’t always interested in competing with other businesses; it is the web seek Commercial Enterprise most effective. They’ve used this facade to make Microsoft’s worries with the organization appear paranoid, a clever pass that labored. The fact remains that Google is a powerful, secretive employer, pushed by smart human beings and for a motive.

Do No Evil

“In conflict, the ethical is to the bodily is as three to at least one”- Napoleon In his day, most emperors preferred to hire mercenary armies honestly because keeping a wholesome army of their personal got here at too much of a rate. Napoleon reversed this setback by recruiting younger French loyalists extra eager to fight for a greater France than for the money. As a result, during the struggle, French squaddies hastily defeated tonnes of larger mercenary armies. My point? Carry humans collectively around a motive, and also, you create a prompted pressure.

With a 60% stake In the U.S. net search market, one might count on Google to have mottos of the kind “Allow Google to do the searching” or perhaps “seek rapid, find Google.” Conversely, Google’s motto is an easy “Do No Evil.” These days, net search companies were requested by U.S. Intelligence groups to switch non-public data on personal searches over to them; simultaneously, as different net search companies concurred with them, Google noticed it as evil and denied it. This decision alone drove Google’s stocks to dwindle several factors at the NASDAQ. However, Google remained real to its “Do No Evil” maxim.

Google has grown to be visible as a business enterprise pushed not by using the motivation of making money but alternatively via the pursuit of know-how through technological innovation; as a result, the company has used this justification to convince its competition that it is not interested about defeating opposition but instead offering less involved get entry to information for everybody, and as a result, making the world a higher location.

Google maintains it’s Commercial Enterprise silent and most actively draws attention to the technological goodies it has delivered to the hundreds. In reality, Google’s Machiavellian approaches have labored so rightly that most of its customers no longer even recognize how or if Google makes cash.

Google’s navy of 7000+ employees is unswerving to the business enterprise. Over at Microsoft, the employees, especially senior executives, feel caged inside the employer; leaving Microsoft for Google might Carry a lawsuit from the corporation, as it did for Kai-Fu Lee. To Microsoft’s credit score, Google is just reaping fruit from the hype that Microsoft once loved. Subsequently, the satisfaction and quantity of capacity personnel will necessarily lower in size because the pleasure around Google is neutralized.

Mobility through decentralized command

“Separate to live, unite to combat” – Napoleon.

Genghis Khan, like Napoleon, changed into a grasp of mobility in warfare. His empire stretched from Korea to Europe in an entirely short time frame. Neither conquerors should have extended like they did if it weren’t for mobility. The movement became the key to decisive maneuvering throughout the conflict. Varying in size, from 15,000 to 30,000 guys, each corps turned into a miniature navy headed using Napoleon’s miniature. Fluid, speedy, and Nonlinear. On the conflict of Ulm, Napoleon surrounded the Austrian army within a few hours, cutting off any channels of escape or reinforcements. The Austrian emperor was compelled to surrender a military of 30,000 soldiers.


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