Thieves steal woman’s computer she uses for lesson plans


CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. – Clayton County Police seek out the thieves who stole a PC and numerous flash drives that belong to a lady who works for Atlanta Public Schools. The break-in occurred within the Home Depot automobile parking space in Morrow, which is located at the 2300 block of Mount Zion Road.

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Visit America. 4 Things at the Top of Every Fort Worth Texas Visitor’s List Visit the United States. Stephanie Jackson says the devices incorporate educational materials for college students and instructors throughout the district. She said the documents are a compilation of almost two decades of work in public schooling. Losing those substances is a tremendous loss to Jackson. She said it would take her countless hours to reconstruct her lost education classes and lesson plans.

She asks whoever is responsible for the proper issue and returning to the objects. Jackson is offering a reward – no questions asked. Jackson stated if all of the items are again, she is offering a $300 bonus. The flash drives are most essential to her and will provide partial compensation, although the ones are the handiest things for her lower back.

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