Blogger dodges prison over court suppression breaches, harassment campaigns

Blogger dodges prison over court suppression breaches, harassment campaigns 1

A blogger described as “malicious and nasty” has narrowly prevented prison after breaching suppression orders in an outstanding Auckland court case and main a prolonged campaign of crook harassment towards 5 people, which includes a former MP. Dermot Gregory Nottingham becomes sentenced to 365 days’ domestic detention and one hundred hours’ community work today within the Auckland District Court. Judge Jonathan Down described a blatant and contemptuous breach of courtroom orders and a smug view of proper and incorrect.

A jury located Nottingham responsible for 5 criminal harassment prices and breaches of court suppression orders following a trial, in which Nottingham represented himself at some point in April and May. Nottingham, a justice advise who has been concerned with defamation lawsuits, developed a public profile within the 1990s after exposing odometer tampering on imported motors.

Advertise with NZME. In 2003, he additionally confronted a possible contempt of courtroom price after publishing a video online of a High Court judge’s driving offense at the same time as it changed into earlier than the courts.

The High Court suppression orders Nottingham breached had been made for the Stephen Eruwera Dudley manslaughter case. Stephen died aged 15 on June 6, 2013, after he changed into punched time and again by way of teenage brothers at a West Auckland rugby field. Stephen Dudley died after being assaulted at rugby schooling in 2013.

Photo / Dean Purcell. The brothers have been, to begin, charged with manslaughter, but after medical examinations found out an undiagnosed heart situation in Stephen, the Crown withdrew the charge – announcing it could not be determined whether or not the assault contributed to his loss of life. In 2014, the brothers pleaded responsible for to attack, have been discharged without conviction, and were granted permanent call suppression through the High Court. Just days later, Nottingham wrote his blogs naming the 2 brothers and publishing snapshots of them and details of the case.

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Nottingham stated of the breach: “It might seem peculiar to be punished for imparting statistics to a remote places internet site approximately killers that obtained no punishment.” The Herald has chosen no longer to name the weblog website online, which posted Nottingham’s posts because the offending content remains online.


As a result of Nottingham’s brush aside for the court’s order, a police detective began investigating the internet site and discovered “numerous campaigns of harassment”. Some of the 5 humans recognized as capacity sufferers had gone to the police but have been instructed officers could do nothing, the court heard.

Nottingham’s harassment against his sufferers, all of whom have permanent name suppression, took place between 2011 and 2015 – the year he turned into charging. Stephen Dudley’s mother and father, Mona and Brent, leaving the High Court in Auckland in 2014. Photo / Doug Sherring. The blogger’s goals included business human beings, civil servants, and a former Member of Parliament.

Photos had been taken of them and their homes, and the allegations published online falsely claimed drug abuse and corruption. Nottingham additionally made a veiled violent hazard towards one victim and wrote ” photographs to be sure” alongside the man or woman’s call.

One of the victims stated they had been stalked and photographed, with their photographs appearing on the blog web page. “I became hyper-vigilant and wary, in particular at night time, understanding Nottingham knew wherein we lived,” they stated.

Brian Dickey, Auckland’s crown solicitor, stated Nottingham’s harassment has become at the high cease of the crook spectrum, calling it “so malicious, so nasty”. The prosecutor said the offending articles remained on the net and are displayed prominently whilst the sufferers’ names are entered right into a Google search. “He suggests genuinely no insight into his offending, no remorse.”

Dermot Nottingham’s

Dermot Nottingham’s “articles” are still on Google and the weblog website, the court heard. Photo / Sam Hurley. Dickey started the breach of the suppression orders had been an “assault at the High Court”“. Nottingham had, in the element, argued a prison sentence might be obviously immoderate because of his fitness complications, several of which noticed him hospitalized for every week at some stage in the trial.

However, Dickey tried to rebut the claims by using arguing Nottingham’s fitness could enhance if he misplaced some weight. Dickey additionally strongly adverse home detention and sought a sentence of up to four years imprisonment.

Nottingham stated him by no means supposed to threaten the protection of his victims. However, Dickey became concerned he could now definitely use someone else’s pc or cellphone to retain his harassment. “And our enterprise with Mr. Nottingham will retain,” Dickey informed Judge Down.

Nottingham attempted to argue at trial that his “articles” were blanketed by way of freedom of expression rights. “People have distinctive evaluations approximately what is said in articles,” he stated today. “The articles contained words that the jury discovered offensive. I’m now not a bully.”

Dermot Nottingham changed into order to own no longer any gadgets able to getting access to the net. Photo / Sam Hurley. However, Judge Down said the right to lose speech or freedom of expression isn’t paramount. Although Nottingham stood through his blogs and said, his words remained authentic and would continue defamation.

He also blamed his sufferers and said, “If they were sincere, none of this would have befallen.” Judge Down said bloggers “appear to experience that they may be not sure through ethical codes of behavior” and interact and take a habitually competitive technique. The choice stated the “particular” case showed Nottingham had an abrasive and combative approach to others.

“Mr. Nottingham is unlikely to accept what he did turn into no longer only unlawful but reprehensible,” he stated. Nottingham has indicated he will attract the jury’s verdicts, at the same time as Dickey informed the Herald a potential enchantment of the sentence could be a selection for the Crown Law Office.

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