Easy steps to launch your blogging website


Launching a blogging website is simple and easy if you know what you wish to blog about, what kind of a site you want and have tied up with a good WordPress hosting service provider in India. WordPress is the best and the most popular content management platform used across the world for setting up all types of websites including blogging and commercial ones. Here we talk about some easy steps to launch your blog.

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Sign up for Web Hosting

Web hosting is very important for the setting up and running of your website. So, the first step in your quest for having your blog site is to get in touch with a Managed WordPress hosting firm that will not only help you set up a website but host and manage it for you. This will allow you to focus on providing creative and interesting content on your blog site. When you approach a WordPress hosting firm in India you seek to buy a domain name for your website, a server and other resources to host it. Several hosting firms offer a free domain when you avail of their hosting services making the option highly lucrative and affordable.

The process of finalizing a domain involves choosing a relevant and short domain name, checking its availability, and then getting it registered. While the .com domains are the most popular of the names and topics in this are taken. So, you may have to look for alternative addresses or go for different extensions. Your hosting company can help you with this process and save a lot of time and effort. Several hosting companies offer a free domain for the first year besides offering managed WordPress hosting which means that all the resources have been optimized for WordPress.

Install the Free WordPress Software

Once you have finalized the web hosting company you need to move ahead and install the free WordPress software. A managed WordPress hosting plan will include a WordPress site builder that makes it easy for you to install WordPress with a single click and set up your blogging site. You can also install some basic themes and plugins required to operate your website.

Write a Blog

Now that your website is ready, you need to prepare the content and post it. So, get set to write a blog that is interesting. You can go to the WordPress dashboard and choose to add new blogs. With the help of the WordPress Editor, you can write your blog. You can see the default WordPress theme or a theme that you chose while installing the WordPress software.

Change the Theme

You always have the option to change the theme of your WordPress blog. You can choose from the free and premium themes depending on your budget and preferences. Here again, your hosting service provider can help you choose and install a relevant theme for your blog.

Make Your Blog Functional

Now that you have written your blog, set up a theme for it, you need to make it functional. This is where plugins come in. Thousands of free and premium WordPress plugins are available to enhance the functionality of your blog. You can choose and move ahead accordingly. Your managed WordPress hosting provider can help you choose and install the relevant plugins for your blogging site.

In just few hours, you can create your own blog with WordPress. You will be able to perfect your content and attract enthusiastic readers every day once you discover how to build a blog and get into a publishing routine.

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