Hands On: uBar for the Mac shrinks your Dock and makes it work harder for you

Hands On: uBar for the Mac shrinks your Dock and makes it work harder for you 1

We were the handiest saying the alternative day that our Docks are getting a bit full. Of route, there may always be the choice to put off programs from it, and, genuine, there are apps in our Dock that we haven’t opened in months. Yet tidying up is silly to speak, especially when, as a substitute, you can use year 40—7 to put off or at least delay having to do something.

This app was made for us. Currently, our regular macOS Dock holds 50 items. That does consist of the Trash, the Finder, Siri, and the App Store. It additionally consists of one document, a FileMaker Pro database that we use day by day. However, the whole thing else is an app we’ve got selected to add for some motive.

Often, down the road, we’ve got forgotten the reason. For example, it’s a mystery why we’ve got that FileMaker Pro record when every unmarried day we overlook it’s there, and as a substitute, open the FileMaker app. The FileMaker Pro app is off the path in our Dock.

Truly, searching at it for you currently, we can see immediately which we ought to reduce again. That report can pass, and iBooks’ aid would accompany it as we usually examine the ones on our iPad.

That brings us all the way down to 48 gadgets within the Dock, and that’s a way greater sensible. Alternatively, it’s miles whilst you update your ordinary Dock with uBar 4. Our 48 items stretch across the overall width of our 27-inch iMac display screen. By evaluation, uBar offers us at least all the equal capability. However, it does so in just underneath half the space.

Compare and evaluate. At the lowest is our everyday macOS Dock. In the center is uBar displaying names alongside each app. At the top, there’s a bar whilst it’s simplest displaying app icons. That’s half of the space for the gadgets we have already gotten, but uBar also provides two greater. One is a handy component to have: it’s a clock that sits at one stop of the Dock and looks a little paying homage to the only in the Windows taskbar.

Suppose you hover over that clock, even though the concise digital display springs up into an analog watch face plus a calendar. You can not use the calendar for whatever other than checking the date —it does not show appointments —however, it’s properly designed and does its process. We won’t purchase uBar for it, but when you’ve got it, you want it.

Whereas the other more item uBar adds could be very an awful lot really worth buying the entire app for. It’s a little bar icon that, through default, sits on the very left of your display screen and may be configured to spring up into life with an unmarried keystroke.

When you press that key, you are also transported to Windows-land with a piece of sophistication and style. The bar icon shows a popup menu with options for machine sleep or shut down. It’s got quick access to your documents, music, and greater. Plus, it’s a fairly quick course for your packages.

Your mileage will vary there, with any luck, because there are quite a few Dock gadgets we do as an alternative hoard app. This makes uBar’s listing of them take an age to scroll down. You can, even though, tap a letter when you’re scrolling, and it’ll leap to the apps beginning with that.


Much faster and to our thoughts a long way extra convenient is the quick admission to every man or woman part of System Preferences. Rather than finding System Preferences and then trying to find what you want, this lets you get to, say, the Dock preferences with one tap and a few presses of your arrow keys.

It would be desirable to use the one’s arrow keys to move alongside uBar’s version of the Dock, but you cannot. That’s mouse- or trackpad-simplest. When you visit click on an app, you may hover for a second and get a preview of it. If it is a writing app, you would probably see a shrunken preview of the documents presently open in it.

If the app isn’t something that uBar can apprehend or carry out a Quick Look on, you get the app’s icon. However, if you’ve got three documents open in such an app, you may get 3 icons, and it’s clear a way to pick from them.

That’s available. The one-key bar menu is a startling time-saver. The capability to select whether your apps are displayed as small icons or collectively with their names is excellent. Plus, that clock is fine. Only, name us traditionalists, but we like the macOS Dock. We promise to use it higher.

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