Has Girl Education Lost Its Way In Odisha?


Bhubaneswar: The nationwide marketing campaign ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ has not generated the desired effects in Odisha, as over fifty-five 000 adolescent ladies are out of school in the State.

Such startling statistics emerged from a baseline survey performed via the Odisha Women and Child Development Department and Mission Shakti.

However, the School and Mass Education department isn’t geared up to accept the findings of the Women and Child Development branch as the former claims that most 1,060 adolescent girls had been no longer attending faculties by September 30.

Without a doubt, the contradiction in data among authorities departments shows why welfare schemes fail to satisfy their objectives in Odisha.

“We had sought an initial document from districts to examine the range of out-of-faculty women inside the country. The information was shared with the School and Mass Education branch for an important motion,” stated Rashmiranjan Nayak, joint secretary of the Women and Child Development department.

Has Girl Education Lost Its Way In Odisha?

Meet 12-12 months-old Lalita Golari, a faculty dropout from Lamtaput in the Koraput district. The female had dropped out of Changudipada School after analyzing until trendy V quickly after her father’s death.

Golari is now working as a laborer to make ends meet and aid her circle of relatives. Not the handiest Golari, numerous other girls across Odisha percentage the equal story.

In keeping with the findings of the School and Mass Education Department, the Scheme for Adolescent Girls (SAG) changed universalized within the State on April 1, 2018.

A baseline survey conducted thru area functionaries of Women and Child Development and Mission Shakti branch in all 30 districts recommended that the range of women to be protected underneath SAG all through the economic year 2018-19 is fifty-five,868 which incorporates out-of-school ladies inside the age organization of eleven to fourteen years.

As per the pointers, the standards for outlining out of college are not enrolled but in no way attended and dropouts.

There are almost 10,599 out-of-school adolescent girls in Koraput, accompanied by 8,899 girls in Nabarangpur and nearly 5,585 girls in Malkangiri district.

“We are even amazed over such huge discrepancies within the file as 1,060 ladies between the age group of eleven to 14 years had been out of college as in line with our survey final yr. We will discuss the matter with the Women and Child Development branch officials,” stated School and Mass Education Minister Badri Narayan Patra.

The Lake, familiarly known as Chilika Lagoon, has Nalabana Island spreading over 15.53 square km, which was recognized as a wildlife sanctuary by the Government of Orissa in 1987. The Govt. India detailed the Chilika Lake as a Ramsar site 1981 for its water-hen habitat.


You can go to the entire stretch of the lagoon from Chandrapur to the New Mouth and Satpada. The main sights include the Nalabana Bird Sanctuary, the Magarmukh location, the New Mouth, and the temple on Kalijai Island. It will be a coronary heartthrob revel into peer Flamingos and Pelicans at nearby variety inside the Nalabana Island. The Nirmaljhar waterfall, located nearly 12km from Chilika lagoon, is a glad site of serenity. The sunrise and sundown in Chilika are of the calm sights that draw many travelers’ attention

The tourism industry additionally prospers inside the region of Satpada, which is placed on an eastern facet of Chilika Lake. Coastal lagoons surround the area in three aspects for the site visitors to revel in boating and recreational sports.

Surveys display that Chilika Lake is the largest wintering ground for migratory birds coming to India. During the peak season, nearly 160 species of birds invade this location. They come from a long way, such as Ladakh, the Himalayas, the Caspian Sea, Lake Baikal, and foreign places. Graylag geese, Jacana, Herons and Flamingos, white-bellied sea eagles, Gray and pink Herons, Indian Roller, Storks and white Ibis, Brahminy Ducks, Shovellers and Pintails, Spoonbills and many more are the various birds who migrate to this serene land for nesting. A hen census 2008 exhibited nine 00,000 migratory birds, of which four 50,000 had been sighted in Nalabana. Rare birds reported within the Lake are the Dalmatian Pelican, Pallas’s fish eagles, Asiatic Dowitchers, the very uncommon migrant Spoon-billed Sandpiper, and the Spot-Billed Pelican.


Chilika Lake may be considered a lifeline for the living community. Many endangered species are observed. Being an estuarine lagoon, it helps a unique mixture of brackish, marine, and freshwater species. Not only flora and fauna, tourists also experience seashores and boat trips to the Island of Kalijai, which gives the local peopleh super employment possibilities.

A go-to into the Lake

What greater can you anticipate? A motored boat, green through its appearance, is treated by a local boatman amidst picturesque environs. To add to its secluded nature, the soothing water of the Lake disappears as the journey combats. This lets in many hours of maximum precious views. A quaint aroma of natural harmony and happiness is overseas the amazing Lake designed using years of trade. Soft winds caress your neck as one nears the slow-sloping depressions covered using tanzanite-colored water. For a few never-anticipated motives, one feels a whisper tone to hold the correct concord with the outside temple on Kalijai. Tourists watching eagerly to return lower back to the shore present themselves with hearty smiles, and you sense the warm temperature of the divine island that is the abode of Goddess Kalijai.

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