How To Make Reviews Work In Your Favor


Reviews are a huge part of the shopping experience, making them extremely important for businesses. When they are good, they can cause customers to choose your store over ones that would otherwise be more convenient, cheaper, or have other first-glance benefits. Unfortunately, this also means that bad reviews drive customers away from your company, whether you operate online or through a physical storefront.

Because of these effects, you will likely need to know how to manage bad reviews at some point. In some cases, this is because when you deal with enough people, a few will be unhappy with you. At other times, you may have problems that you must fix. Then, once those issues are corrected, you’ll need to ensure that the old bad reviews, now obsolete, do not continue to hamper your business.

remove negative reviews altogether, but drowning them out is usually the more effective strategy. We attempt to do both as the situation allows.


Note that burying bad reviews isn’t as simple as buying fake good ones. This runs afoul of the FTC and the guidelines of reputable review sites. Instead, we work to get your satisfied customers to leave legitimate positive reviews on high-profile sites like Google.

We also recommend that you be proactive. If you have a dissatisfied customer, do not solicit a review from that person! Avoid automated review-seeking emails or other such contacts so that you can screen who gets asked to post their opinions. Many people won’t post anything unless you prompt them.

Social Media and Its Effects on Business

Social media has been around for a long time, yet businesses fail to work with it all too frequently. Refusing to engage with it or having only sporadic, undirected posts leaves entire channels of potential advertising and customer engagement untapped. Even worse, mistakes, such as making comments that stir up outrage, can cost your company thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the size of your brand.

You must have excellent management of your social media influence and other influencers’ opinions in this medium. Here at Remove Personal Information, we offer a full social media package for companies like yours. When you hire us to handle your reviews and social media presence, you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to worry about internet missteps. Contact us here at Remove Personal Information today to learn more.

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