=Apple is reportedly upgrading most of its Mac lineup this fall, including the Mac mini

=Apple is reportedly upgrading most of its Mac lineup this fall, including the Mac mini 1

Apple supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities has published his research note of Apple’s fall lineup predictions — and it’s a doozy, via 9to5Mac.


Kuo’s note claims that in addition to the three new iPhone models already rumored to launch, Apple will also update almost all of its Mac and MacBook lineup (including the long-suffering Mac mini). He also says that Apple will introduce new bezel-less Face ID iPads, update the Apple Watch with bigger displays, and release a new pair of AirPods and the AirPower wireless charger that was announced last year.

That’s a lot to take in, so let’s break it all down:

iPhones: The three iPhone rumor for this fall is unchanged. Three new models are expected: an updated version of the iPhone X with a 5.8-inch OLED screen, a larger 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus OLED model, and a 6.1-inch midrange LCD model that should borrow the Face ID and bezel-less design of the iPhone X at a lower price point.



Kuo claims that the MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac mini (yes, really) are all slated for upgrades this fall, presumably with Intel’s latest eighth-generation Core processors.
MacBook Air: In addition to the specs mentioned above, Kuo says that Apple will finally replace the older MacBook Air with a new, budget laptop model, although there’s no real information about what that will look like.


New iPad Pro models are said to be in the works, both of which would offer Face ID and an updated bezel-less design with no Home button (just like the iPhone X). Kuo says two sizes are planned: an updated 12.9-inch model and an 11-inch version (which may replace the existing 10.5-inch size).

Apple Watch:

Two Apple Watch models are said to be getting slightly larger displays the smaller 38mm model will reportedly jump from a 1.5-inch display to a 1.57-inch one, and the 42mm model will go from a 1.65-inch screen to a 1.78-inch one, adding enhanced heart rate detection as well. There’s no word yet about whether Apple will put larger screens in the existing body of the Watch or if this is a more radical redesign of the wearable lineup.


It’s apparently shipping this fall, roughly a year after Apple announced it.


They are also said to be getting a new update this fall. It will presumably be a more modest upgrade with improved wireless performance, hands-free Siri, as well as an AirPower-compatible wireless charging case. It probably won’t be the more drastic noise-cancellation and waterproof update that was rumored for 2019. If Kuo’s correct, it sounds like it’s going to be a busy fall for Apple. And if he’s wrong, well, it won’t be the first time I’ve had my heart broken by rumors of a Mac mini update.

Solid-State –

SSD flash reminiscence pc disk drives are not just the destiny of statistics storage. SSDs are right here these days and might offer dramatic enhancements for your Apple Macintosh PC’s performance. Solid-State drives use high-speed flash reminiscence chips to keep information.

With no shifting components, an SSD gives a couple of benefits:

Silent operation, surprise resistance, and coffee-strength necessities. But the most compelling motive to have one in your Mac is sheer pace. Current SSD’s now supply information read and write speeds that genuinely outperform any conventional spinning platter difficult force to be had. Some SSD’s transfer data almost 3 times as rapidly as the quickest convention hard drive you can buy; they’re that speedy! With no transferring components, the reliability of the SSD garage is another real-world advantage. Conventional hard drives are infamous for sporting out, growing noisier over their lifetime, or genuinely death from mechanical failure. SSD is so dependable; manufacturers offer warranties up to 5 years.


Most recent Macintosh computer systems use the broadly used SATA II power interface well-known for optimum performance. Although you may discover older ATA interface SSD drives for growing older Macs, the ATA interface can not completely supply the speed throughput SATA II now gives. In truth, flash memory speeds are increasing so swiftly that even the SATA II 3GBps interface specification is starting to restrict the capability of the SSD era. The subsequent technology of SATA III 6GBps Solid-State drives is just beginning to reach purchasers. We expect Apple will undertake the brand new interface in its subsequent generation of Mac laptops and desktops to preserve their pc performance on the main aspect.

Many Apple laptop fashions make it smooth to switch in a strong-country force. With the right tools to open your MacBook, iMac, or Mac mini – an SSD force switch can frequently be performed inside mins. Using any quantity of disk power cloning utilities for OSX, you may then transfer your present setup, applications, and facts onto the SSD. For the ones missing the technical talents or courage to perform a do it your self-hard drive upgrade, the Apple Store online gives Build-To-Order SSD alternatives. You can definitely opt for an SSD pressure to be set up whilst you vicinity an order for a new Macintosh pc.

Capacities of Mac well-matched SSD drives variety presently from 32 Gigabytes up to at least one Terabyte of the garage. The most low-cost and practical size a Mac owner should consider is probably 128GB to 256GB variety. There you will locate enough room to store your files and media documents without breaking your budget. Solid-State drives still command a fee top rate over traditional difficult disk drives, so for people with Terabytes of information, the cost of the biggest SSD’s may not be sensible. Many Mac owners opt for a smaller capacity SSD as a boot force for the OSX working device and applications. Others can then use an external USB or FireWire hard power for added storage of larger media documents: The quality of both worlds.

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