Jail of a Azerbaijan Blogger Mehman Huseynov.

Jail of a Azerbaijan Blogger Mehman Huseynov. 1

Twenty-four human-rights Companies, which include Newshounds Without Borders, condemned “inside the strongest viable phrases” the jailing in Azerbaijan of pro-competition blogger site Mehman Huseynov.

An Azeri court docket on Friday sentenced Huseynov, a video blogger and journalist who said on corruption within the government of President Ilham Aliyev, to 2 years in jail for defaming the police. He became prosecuted after reporting torture even as in custody in December.

Huseynov’s jailing

Huseynov’s jailing is “every other instance of Azerbaijan culture’s pleasant and brightest being targeted for expressing opinions critical of the ruling Aliyev regime,” Rebecca Vincent, U.K. Bureau director for Newshounds Without boundaries, stated in an emailed announcement that became signed via other advocacy Corporations including the Committee to Defend Reporters.

Aliyev had dominated the former Soviet Union’s third-largest oil exporter, considering that 2003, he changed into appointed utilizing his father, Heydar Aliyev. The 55-year-antique leader has confronted criticism from rights Agencies for extending the presidential period to seven years from five in a referendum in September. Opposition critics have additionally alleged Aliyev is preparing to bypass energy finally to his son after the age restriction for presidential candidates becomes decreased to 35 years within the plebiscite. Huseynov is one of at least 13 Reporters, bloggers, and media employees who had been sent to jail in Azerbaijan, the rights Corporations stated Friday, calling for their immediate launch.


A exceptionally Russian-Israeli travel blogger who’s also a Ukrainian passport holder has been extradited from Belarus to Azerbaijan for visiting a territory that fell under the de facto manager of Azerbaijan’s neighbor, Armenia, following a struggle among the two international locations that began at the same time as they had been each component of the Soviet Union. He faces eight years in prison.

If it isn’t always already clean, it has to be stated that this is a story that gets very complicated, very quickly.

In drafting this document, Global Voices owes a debt to some other, higher-regarded Russian blogger: Ilya Varlamov, who put together an excellent ‘What Do we Recognise?’ kind-piece while Aleksandr Lapshin, a tour blogger who claims to have visited 122 independent countries, was still in detention in Belarus in January.

Given the complexities of the case, it makes sense to proceed in the same vein as Varlamov did by answering the on-the-spot questions raised by the case.

Has he completed those matters?

Regarding the initial charge, “making public calls” against the Azerbaijani nation, that is a price that fighters of authoritarian governments in countries internationally face, Varlamov notes that this is hard to affirm. A depended-on friend has been updating Lapshin’s regular blog since his detention in Belarus commenced, but the entries neither deny nor confirm that those posts had been written.

It’s miles likely that Lapshin eventually deleted the Fb posts noted with the aid of the Azerbaijan prosecutor. Still, It is perhaps well worth pointing out that Lapshin does not list Nagorno-Karabakh a few of the “countries” he has visited on his weblog as an earnest suggests of the territory’s independence would possibly.

It is, at any fee, very bizarre that Lapshin has been extradited to stand charges for creating a “name” towards a nation where he becomes not born and has not held citizenship. Maximum probable become not located when he made that “call”. For that reason, it appears more likely that the legit prison justification for extradition turned into the second fee, “illegally crossing the country borders of Azerbaijan,” which he’s technically guilty of.

As Azerbaijan still claims jurisdiction over Nagorno-Karabakh (and certainly, the UN is on its side at this point), the Azerbaijani authorities demand that anybody wishing to go to the USA applies for permission first.

Lapshin appears no longer to have accomplished this before trips there in 2011 and 2012 and eventually were given added to a blacklist preventing him from entering Azerbaijan proper. However, he flaunted this ban with the aid of coming into on his Ukrainian passport. He is known as Oleksandr in place of Aleksandr, Thus averting detection by Azerbaijani border guards. He then boasted of this feat in a post because taken down, which led Russian blogger Ilya Varlamov to conclude that the ethics of Lapshin’s detention became “don’t be a moron.” Varlamov later reversed this judgment while readers of his blog argued that it becomes overly harsh.


Why did Belarus determine to extradite?

Lapshin turned into detained on December thirteen via Belarusian authorities using an Interpol warrant requested by using Azerbaijan. He was held for nearly two months before being extradited to Azerbaijan on February 7.

Interpol regularly honors the requests of authoritarian governments to location their political enemies on its list, often simplest doing away with them from the list. At the same time, third-party countries hold them earlier than liberating them. So, no surprises that Lapshin become put on the list and eventually detained via Belarus.

Belarus’ choice to hold for one of this time — Lapshin’s friend has claimed mistreatment at some point of the detention but not torture — earlier than extraditing is some distance greater curious, and worldwide affairs may additionally have performed a function.

Officially, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenka has stated the selection to deport turned into performed “using the law.” But it appears not going that this becomes a result of due manner. Belarus has held people placed at the Interpol listing via friendly countries earlier than — now and again for extended intervals of time — and later released them.

The key in this example is probably the objection of Russia to both the detention and extradition of its citizen Lapshin. Belarus and Russia’s up-and-down relationship turned into a trough at the time of Lapshin’s arrest and had handiest gotten worse given that.

On February eight, Russia’s overseas ministry stated that it was “deeply disenchanted” with the selection to extradite, which went towards “the spirit of friendly ties among allies — Russia and Belarus.” But all of us that watched snippets of Lukashenka’s latest press convention lasting over seven hours and full of anti-Kremlin vitriol would infrequently describe those ties as pleasant at present.

Israel also adverse the extradition,

while Ukraine, which needs all of the general guides it may get in the face of aggression from Moscow (especially from different ex-Soviet states like Belarus and Azerbaijan), has selected no longer to say something.

Judging by using the on-message nature of Salimov’s other interviews, It’s far probably his thinking and the Azerbaijan authorities’ wondering are likely in harmony. A considerable sentence might dramatically enhance the comprehensive profile of a case that has to this point best skimmed the floor of the international media’s attention and draw sharp grievance from the West. Greater pressingly, Azerbaijan has real motives to maintain lengthy-time best friend Israel at the fact, in addition to Russia, which has armed both events in the Nagorno-Karabakh battle.

Even though it will be a nervy look ahead to Lapshin, a tour blogger whose naive dabbling in politics has already seen him held in confinement via the sector’s worst rights abusers.

The Prosecutor Genera’s Workplace of Azerbaijan has initiated a criminal case and released research into the data of illegal monetary activities of overseas organizations within the occupied Azerbaijani territories, the click service of Prosecutor Trendy’s Office advised APA on Saturday.

The Azerbaijani Prosecutor Preferred’s Workplace investigated the cloth submitted employing the Foreign Ministry on the illegal financial sports of prison entities within the Azerbaijani territories occupied by Armenian militia, said the press provider.

azerbaijan blogger jail

The investigations revealed that heads of numerous companies of Switzerland, Bulgaria, Uruguay, Argentina, Romania, and other nations, together with the organization’s Haik Watch and Jewelry Co, Rodino Haskovo JIC, Centro Ceibal, Deccan Gold Mines Ltd, and Cosmote Romanian Cell Telecommunications SA, in 1999-2017, illegally crossed the national border of Azerbaijan several times via Armenia and as an organized organization, collectively with different humans inside the occupied territories, created corporations without kingdom registration envisaged using Azerbaijan’s legal guidelines within the Khankandi, Shusha, Lachin, Kalbajar towns and in other settlements.

Through engaging in these sports, such as the usage of herbal resources and minerals, they brought on massive-scale damage obtaining illegal revenues, in addition to committed actions aimed toward the strengthening of the occupation and violation of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity.

Given the abovementioned statistics, the investigation Department for Grave Crimes of the Prosecutor Standard’s Office has initiated a criminal case beneath relevant articles and released research.

The clicking carrier delivered that during accordance with the norms and standards of international law, in addition to the countrywide rules, the Prosecutor Wellknown’s Office of Azerbaijan will maintain taking the vital steps against those worried about illegal monetary sports inside the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, as well as towards folks that cast doubt on Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity.


Nagorno-Karabakh, again.

Lapshin’s arrest is proof — if any became wished — that Azerbaijan is in no hurry to soften its stance on Nagorno-Karabakh, which turned into part of its territory in Soviet times, no matter ethnic Armenians there outnumbering ethnic Azeris via approximately 4 to 1 earlier than the bloc’s split.

Closing yr noticed some of the worst fightings over the territory because the conflict formally led to 1994. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev (or considered one of his staffers) has inside the beyond taken to Twitter to threaten an all-out invasion.

Armenia, in turn, has few incentives handy the stunning but landlocked would-be-nation again to Azerbaijan given a loss of tremendous pressure to do so, extensively from Russia, that is broadly seen as an arbiter within the conflict.

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