Backplane Systems Technology announces Winmate’s New M101BK vehicle mountable computer

Backplane Systems Technology announces Winmate’s New M101BK vehicle mountable computer 1

Backplane Systems Technology has announced Winmate’s New M101BK vehicle mountable laptop system with the portability of a rugged tablet. The New M101BK is a multi-feature rugged 8-inch pill PC with an integrated QWERTY keypad. Designed for flexible use in packages inclusive of warehouse logistics, direct store shipping, and regulation enforcement cars, the M101BK is for those who require vehicle-mount pc abilities with the portability of a tablet.

In warehouse logistics, this improved mobility offers numerous advantages over conventional constant-mount VMCs. Users could be capable of easily transition from forklift handy use for stock management. The addition of a QWERTY keypad alongside its 8-inch P-Cap multi-contact show provides practicality for people who require frequent data input and numerous wi-fi connectivity options permit for actual-time updates on inventory and tasks.

The extensive-ranging power input of the M101BK in a car dock makes it perfectly suited as a vehicle-mount pc via its numerous RAM mount solutions. Then, whilst the want arises, the simple one-handed docking/undocking allows for the M101BK to transition to pill use fast for statistics collection, along with barcode and RFID scanning or other on-the-circulate computing obligations. Its narrow and lightweight 1.5kg form thing permits it to be without difficulty used as a tablet for an extended length, and the 6-hour well-known battery working time enables to facilitate this.

M101BK’s ruggedness permits industrial usage in all sorts of conditions. IP65 certification and MIL-STD-810G compliance for Shock, Vibration, and Drop means that the tool is blanketed in opposition to automobile and hand use in all environments. Whether for VMC or pill use, Winmate’s M101BK is a flexible device that will shape all styles of commercial applications.

Key functions:

8-inch 1280 x 800, P-Cap multi-touch show
Intel Celeron N2930 Bay Trail-M processor
QWERTY Keypad with 10 characteristic buttons
Industrial ruggedness with IP65 certification and MIL-STD-810G compliance
5MP car-consciousness digicam
Built-in Wi-Fi, BT, GNSS (optionally available LTE)
Optional 1D/2D Barcode Reader or HF/UHF RFID reader
Tablet form-thing and feature with vehicle mounting talents

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