Asian Games 2018: From Paragliding to Pencak Silat, first time sports at Asian Games


The Asian Games 2018 are all set to kickstart from Saturday in Jakarta-Palembang, Indonesia. At the same time, the middle sports activities stay largely unchanged. As many as ten new sports forms will debut on this year’s occasion. Here is a brief introduction to a number of the debutants this year:

Pencak Silat

Pencak-silat is an Indonesian form of martial arts. However, its starting place has an exciting tale that says that a woman in Sumatra noticed a war between a tiger and a large hawk, after which she used equal strategies to fend off a set of drunkards. As its popularity unfolds across us as a sport, many styles of Pencak-silat evolved. At the Asian Games, there might be seven categories for guys and three for women, alongside a creative class. India has dispatched a 22-member group for Pencak Silat.


From being an adventure sport to being protected within the Asians, Paragliding has come a long manner. It will witness athletes take off from a hillside – from a peak of 250 meters and fly for 1.2 kilometers. The winners may be convicted based on landing accuracy (within a five-meter radius). Paragliding will start on August 20, and as many as 18 international locations are collaborating.


Not to be pressured with Judo, Jujutsu is a Japanese form of martial arts medal discipline in Jakarta and Palembang. It relies heavily on processes and approaches. While grappling, trapping, and holds are key elements in this form of sports, kicks are strictly disallowed. The winners are determined based on whoever gives up first by using submission. India will no longer be collaborating with the occasion.

Jujutsu is a Japanese form of martial arts. (Source: Reuters)

Asian Games

Also called Samozashchita Bez Oruzhiya (or self-defense), every other form of martial arts discovered its starting place in Russia. While it’s miles similar to wrestling and judo in many ways and allows leg locks, chokeholds will get an athlete disqualified. India has sent a six-member group (consisting of guys and four ladies).

Rock Climbing

Since Indonesia can include sports activities inside Asia, mountaineering will debut at the Asian Games 2018. Indonesia can be the favorite to clinch the yellow steel on this form, but Malaysia will pose a stiff undertaking to the hosts. From India, three athletes might be taking part and look to put on a sturdy showing. The event takes area on August 23-27.

Apart from those, roller sports, jet snowboarding, settlement bridge, kurash, and basketball (three×three) are wearing disciplines to make their entry among the fifty-eight different activities at the Games. As one of the most diverse activities, the Asian Games will again be a visible spectacle for enthusiasts across the globe.

When you consider time immemorial, games and sports activities have been performed by humans. a highly popular sport in South Asia., However, the sport is performed beneath distinct names in various international locations. It has additionally received global popularity with several prestigious tournaments held around the arena. The International Kabbadi Federation lists 31 nations as its individuals.

The earliest form of Kabbadi originated in historical India, and there are numerous references to the game in the Mahabharata. The historic Indian Vedic faculties practiced the game with amazing reverence. The poet Tukaram has said in his writings that kabbadi has become a favorite recreation of Lord Krishna. It has been one of the most famous sports activities in South India for plenty of centuries.

Asian Games

Kabbadi is a contact game performed by opposing teams. The period Kabbadi is also used in connection with the numerous paperwork inclusive of Sanjeevani, Gaminee, Amar, and Punjabi that are completed in conforming to worldwide rules. Interestingly, this recreation is going by way of several names in India – e.g., G. Kabbadi or Sadugudu in Tamil Nadu, Chedugudu in Andhra Pradesh, and Hututu in Maharashtra. Elsewhere inside the Asian vicinity, it’s miles called Hadudu in Bangladesh and Baibalaa in the Maldives. Some regulation versions exist among gambling countries even though the sport is not played very differently and it’s miles considered a national game – for example, Bangladesh and Nepal. During the British occupation of India, it was performed by the British soldiers as an amusing recreation, and its entry into the UK became the handiest coming near. The sport is ruled with the aid of governing federations in these nations.

The game’s origins had been a thriller, with several claimants to repute. In all likelihood, it originated within the south Indian country of Tamil Nadu if the name ‘kabbadi’ is understood to be a take-off at the period ‘kai paid, meaning to ‘preserve palms’. It can also start as a form of self-protection among village corporations and searching events and slowly metamorphose into a fun game. By the early 1900s, the game’s rules became standardized and present-day. Since then, it has become a synthesis of the sport played under numerous names and is equally famous amongst ladies and men.

International exposure to kabbadi came in 1936 at the Berlin Olympics, which was confirmed by way of India. Its access to the National Games in India became in Kolkata in 1938. Reconstituted as The Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI) in 1972 from the sooner Fifties version of The All India Kabbadi Federation (AIKF), the game acquired a notable improvement while the first countrywide tournament was hosted in Chennai.

In the mid-1970s, Kabbadi was introduced to Japan, Nepal, and Malaysia. The first Asian Kabbadi Championship was performed in 1980, and Kabbadi was blanketed inside the 1990 Asian Games in Beijing for the first time. The most famous Kabbadi Championships are the Asian Games, the Asia Kabbadi Cup, the UK Kabbadi Cup, and the World Kabbadi Cup. The Pro Kabbadi League, which commenced in 2014 in India, is a countrywide event that entails eight franchise teams from 8 different towns vying for a trophy, much like the Indian Premier League cricket match.

International variations of the game also have similar rules in which two groups comprising seven individuals every, with three supplementary individuals, face off on a field. The fun extends for 45 minutes with two halves of 20 minutes every and a five-minute damage halfway while the teams trade facets. The versions in different bureaucracies contain especially the factors scored by using teams, some policies governing the gamers, and, in some instances, the time length.

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