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Catch up on all the huge headlines from Sky Sports News in our cutting-edge video bulletin. SSN in 60 Seconds brings you the essential stories and breaking information in only one minute. Chelsea preserves off Arsenal to relax a late victory at Stamford Bridge. Harry Kane ratings his first Premier League purpose in August as Tottenham beat Fulham. It’s the first win for Marco Silva’s Everton way to Theo Walcott and £40m summer-signing Richardson. Tyson Fury says he will combat Deontay Wilder next – after prevailing in his modern comeback combat. And the third Test between England and India is properly balanced after day one at Trent Bridge.

Every different day, we see something new within the field of generation. It is not feasible to wager which new gadget turns into the coolest issue for youngsters. Also, it is hard to bet which new internet site will grow to be a new main social media platform. The introduction of smartphones, technologies like 4G-LTE, synthetic intelligence (AI), online banking, and other such services are already making the lives of humans simpler than ever. Here, we will talk about five new technologies that might be already making the headlines in 2018:

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Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the few technologies that might be thrilling human beings in 2018. Google Home was launched in 2016, and now it is gaining more popularity among many recent technology fans. Nowadays, humans use clever non-public assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri to carry out simple obligations like checking the time, setting appointments, etc. The technology giants are also running to integrate these offerings into the gadgets we use in our regular recurring. For example, we can now use Google Home to modify our room temperature or turn off the lights. It is just the start. In the approaching months, AI technology will appeal to more and more people.


Self-Driving Cars

The self-using motors could usually run along the roads using 2022, keeping with the technology analysts. Tech businesses, together with Google, Apple, Intel, and plenty of others, are operating to improve this technology. The automotive producers are also working hard to make the dream of self-reliant automobiles come true. A human mistake is generally the purpose of most road injuries. But, with the advent of self-reliant motors, the number of road accidents will decrease, the experts say. The reason is plain: a PC does not devour alcohol, speak to friends, or do different such matters.

Foldable Smartphones

The organizations like LG, Samsung, OPPO, and ZTE operate on foldable smartphones. It could be very probable that this new sort of smartphone will entice many users. Samsung has already stated that its foldable phones will hit the marketplace in 12 months. The business enterprise has been using this technology for the past few years. For a few humans, using a bendable phone will likely be uncomfortable. But for lots, those phones will provide cool things such as a better display, more display size, and not fear about the shows getting cracked.


The new OLED TVs promise a better gaming experience. The person enjoys more high-definition shades while watching an OLED movie. These varieties of TVs are making the headlines in 2018. Some main businesses will introduce their OLED TVs in the following few years. Let’s see where this era takes us inside destiny.


The reviews suggest that the 5G (the fifth era of cell technology) networks become a truth this year. Many telecommunication corporations are reportedly checking out this service in many arena components. 5G will provide 10Gbps speed, in step with the specialists. The generation will use low strength, allowing many customers to connect to a single tool simultaneously. But, the fee for the usage of the 5G carrier may be better than that of the 4G-LTE provider. We must wait to see how this generation will exchange our way of communication.

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