Common Bad Riding Habits Which Can Damage Your Bike



According to the top five two-wheeler manufacturers and their June numbers, total sales were 3% higher than June 2020 (9,61,748) but 199 percent higher than May 2021’s 3,30,823 units.

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Two-wheelers on the road are cursed by others every day because they always seem to be cutting ahead, riding on the pavements, and speeding ahead. Two-wheelers are much more at risk on the road. The chances are that almost everyone you know who rides has damaged their bike due to their bad riding habits.

It is crucial to remember that bad riding practices can damage your bike. Though they may start innocently, over time, these habits can get out of control. Given below is the list of bad riding habits that can damage your bike.

Hitting potholes

The rainy season is here again, and potholes are sprouting up everywhere. When you hit a pothole directly at high speeds, you can blow out your tire or damage your suspension. Avoid potholes by staying alert and conscious of road conditions. Slow down instead of merging into another lane of traffic to avoid a pothole if you can’t steer clear at the last minute. In this way, possible damage will be minimized.

Speed bump racing

As with potholes, speed bumps can negatively impact your suspension and alignment when driven over at high speeds. Speed bumps are designed to keep drivers and pedestrians safe. If you slow down when approaching a speed bump, neither your bike nor your neighbours will be upset. Even if you have low two-wheeler loan interest rates, don’t forget to take good care of your bike.

Running on fumes

Are you aware that fuel acts as a cooling agent in the bike’s fuel system? Thus, when you run low on fuel, you may have overheating and malfunctioning parts. If you run out entirely, the damage could be done to the fuel pump, fueling system, and catalyst structure. Once your bike’s fuel tank is down to a quarter, it’s recommended to fill it up.

Sudden stops and starts

We all need to stop suddenly sometimes. Quickstarts waste fuel while hard stops wear out your brakes faster. A better way to ride is to look ahead and plan accordingly, smoothly pressing the gas or brake pedal when necessary. The same rules apply to your two-wheeler loan online. Before you apply for the loan, you must always calculate your EMI using the EMI calculator available on your lender’s site.

Riding the brakes

When you ride down a steep hill, or if you are in a stop-and-go situation, resting your foot on the brake pedal can cause your brakes to overheat. When brakes overheat, they lose some of their stopping power. Instead of hitting the brakes, downhill riders should switch to a lower gear, ride carefully with more space between cars, and let up on acceleration to lower their speed.

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Keeping your bike in the best possible shape can prevent you from being abandoned on the side of the road, or even worse, on a deserted trail. A well-running bike can even help avoid an accident.

To prevent damage to your bike, keeping the habits mentioned earlier in check is crucial.

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