Is having sex with robots healthy for you, or not? New research just in


As the sex robotic enterprise continues to develop, so do the long lists of claims about why we must have intercourse robots. We’re speaking of more secure sex, assisting with sexual disorders, treating pedophiles and intercourse offenders, alleviating loneliness, assembling human beings’ needs and desires, having therapeutic capability, and changing societal norms. A professor from the University of British Columbia claimed that sexbots should improve marriages as they could be more about love and less about sex.

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According to Dr. Bruce Y Lee, a partner professor of International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, this could pose a hassle. “The challenge is that sexbots may do the opposite by reducing real human contact, blurring fact (programming a person to do exactly what you want is not fact), encouraging dangerous practices which can then be used on human beings, and developing unrealistic expectations of friends.”

“The overwhelmingly main marketplace for sexbots will be unrelated to healthcare. Thus, the ‘health’ arguments made for their benefits, as with so many marketed merchandises, are rather spacious,” wrote some UK researchers, Chantal Cox-George and Susan Bewley. They hunted down each other to discover sexbots, and their file became posted these days in BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health.

“As Cox-George and Bewley suggest, combatants of sexbots have raised ‘worries about the capacity for damage through in addition promoting the pervasive idea that dwelling women too are intercourse items that should be constantly available – ‘misogynistic objectification’ – and intensifying current bodily and sexual violence towards girls and youngsters,'” says Dr. Lee. “Moreover, in case you suppose Barbie dolls can result in body image troubles, what about existence-sized Barbie dolls that can talk and do different matters?”

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But at the same time, as there are issues that those sexbots should boom violence in opposition to women or negatively affect human-to-human romantic relationships, the United Kingdom looks at no proof of that. So essentially, there’s no concrete proof about anything to do with sexbots besides that they’re developing in reputation. Sounds just like the beginning scene of a sci-fi horror film.

Sure, you probably wonder if you would not have sex with a robot. But you may want to consider that again. In a survey of 263 heterosexual men, 40% could see themselves shopping for a sexbot within the next five years. In an even larger study of 2,000 US males and females, 49% of guys have been open to nighttime between the sheets with a “superior, hyper-practical” doll.

Thus, some distance, simplest girl sexbots have been made, and they can range from between R65 000 and R195 000. It’s a big charge to pay. Thinking about the actual human touch is sincerely loose.

But in case you’re worrying the sexbot industry might pass up in a flame of wires and rubber before South Africans have even had a risk, there’s no need. At least, that’s what Dr. Lee thinks. “If you think that lack of clinical proof will save you human beings from making claims about sexbot benefits, you then need to connect higher with fact. When has loss of evidence prevented absolutely everyone from saying something?”

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